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    Now I remember the movie that really bugged me: The English Patient. What a piece of crap. Nothing but ridiculous "film" tricks slapped together in the guise of a "meaningful" Oscar worthy movie. Suffice it to say it was the kind of movie that Hollywood wants people to believe it makes even though there isn't a studio around here that would ever have financed such a thing. It took me an hour to figure out what was going on and by then I really didn't care. Stupid waste of time.

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    worst movie ever

    everyone is right on about the last two batman films, but what about superman 3 and 4? i forgot how bad those were until i rewatched them on the dvd set. superman 3 was 90% richard pryor, who is great, but not in a superman film. and superman 4 was just sad.

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    I can't believe no one mentioned The Blair Witch project.

    (I can't believe i forgot it the first time around...)

    And I forgot about Avengers...eugh..that one was a stink fest alright. And Speed II... oh man, I have to go and cry now...

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    "The Avengers" was indeed quite repulsive.
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    Originally posted by stillakid
    Since Schmacher is of that persuasion, the judges ruling on what he did to the franchise holds that use of that word is acceptable in this context. Instead of creating a big screen version of a comic book favorite, he bastardized the idea into his own little perv-fest.

    Correct answer!

    I was never a big Batman fan (I thought he was only a small notch above Aquaman in the JLA), but B1 & B2 were pretty decent movies. I dig that Tim Burton/Danny Elfman combo which made the story/sound pretty good.

    When Schumacher took over he jacked up the whole franchise, ruining the chance to have the Riddler, IceMan, Robin, and Batgirl in a good plot. If the movies are ever resurrected, we've lost those opportunities. Looking beyond the whole g-a-y premise/look/whatever, the plots were crummy and so was the dialogue. If TB had stuck with the series it probably would not be dead in the water.

    Plus we wouldn't have been subjected to "nipplized" bat costumes or West Hollywood-sized codpieces.
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    First off, how could "The Avengers" make this list? They walk inside giant beach balls for crying out loud.

    anyways I hate the movie "Dude Where's my car!"
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    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!!!!
    Khoo-Ha...Please Pass The Jelly.

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    Originally posted by Grif
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!!!!
    You said it! What a terrible movie they made out of a decent book. I'm just glad they stopped there and didn't make a movie out of Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.
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    My god! HEATHEN! How can you not like Willie Wonka?

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    Yes, you two are heathens. It's one of the only two musicals I can stomach (the other one being the South Park movie).


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