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    Angry Movies that you HATE

    Favorite movies are easy. But which wastes of celluloid stole your 8 bucks and precious minutes of your life? This isn't just for moderate disliking of a movie, but really gut-level "what the hell were they thinking?" kinds of loathing. Yes you can include those situations where you only saw part of the thing because you just had to walk out before all sense of good taste left your body.

    I'll start it out with "Batman and Robin". And yes, I did manage to keep myself in my seat, thus revealing levels of internal fortitude heretofore unknown to myself.

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    Thumbs up Cool thread!!

    Ok, here we go:

    The thin red line....i expected a lot from this movie, but somehow the film shows no direction!!

    Austin Powers II...Not good at all...just two or three good jokes in this film.

    Nightmare on Elm street parts III +
    Friday the 13th parts V+

    Virus...Not even Jamie Lee Curtis saves this one!!

    The Quick and the dead...just look at the ending of this movie...i mean, a bullet hole in Gene Hackman's body where u can see thru it????

    Hanibal...this one just Sucked BIG time...where was the original Clarisse (Jodie Foster)???

    There are more...
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    I'd say that Batman Forever and Batman and Robin totally ruined the Batman legacy. Proof that Batman is nowhere without Burton. The Haunting, Snow Day, The Man Who Knew Too Little and Dudly Doo Right were some other ones. Scary Movie, American Pie, 10 Things and just about every other teenager movie i have seen in my life were awful.

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    I would never go see anything with Will Smith in it, but I hate Wild Wild West because they show it constantly on HBO. Also, any Batman movie after the first one.
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    Badmouthing Quick and the Dead?? I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to step outside...

    Previously Mentioned
    Batman and Robin (internal fortitude is right)
    Wild Wild West

    A few new ones
    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    Spy Kids
    Any movie by Peter Hyams
    Any Sly Stallone film made since 1985 except Cliffhanger and Copland (which arent great but fall in the mediocre category)

    ohhhhhh..there's more.....lots more....

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    Upon a friends recommendation, I stupidly bought the video of Titan AE - what a pile of c**p!

    Last Days of Disco - self obsessed pretentious c**p!

    Will think of more


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    Just remembered the worst line in a film ever......

    The film - The Allnighter starring Suzanne Hoffs(Hoffman?) out of the Bangles.

    The plot - the last night out for a bunch of high school friends.

    The scene - 2 Californian surfers are enjoying ice lies on the beach.

    The line - "It's heaven on a stick, dude".

    Very amusing for us Lancashire folk in Northern England - it had us laughing for days.



    Still more to come - love this thread

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    NO WAY! Gummo is a great movie, it reminds me of people I grew up with. Seriously, I know people like that. They are hilarious.
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    How could I forget.........

    Star Trek Insurrection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As a life longer trekker, I was appauled by this - it was so bloody nice - perfect moments ! My bottom!

    (especially after the brilliant First Contact - number 10 better be good).


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    Thumbs down Nightfall

    I HATED the movie Nightfall , based on a wonderful short story by Isaac Asimov. I believe it has recently been released on video and is a total waste of time!
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