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Thread: Freeze Frames

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    I was never into them. I regret that because then i had to go back and try to catch up. I have them all except for the Sandtrooper. I am still trying to get my hands on one of those. I wonder why Ponda Baba never came out though?
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    I was never into the freeze frames at the start because I already had the figures on the green cards and wasn't going to spend $15 to get another version of what I already Had! Although I think the Freeze Frames are the Best pack in done so far
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    By far the Freeze Frame figures were the best. When I used to be able to go to my local Target every morning at 8, I would run to the Star Wars section and see nothing. One and only day, I saw all the re-releases on the pegs and I was so shocked. I got a tingling feeling and pulled off two of each, as everyone did that morning. At that time I thought I would keep one in the package and open the other one and put it in the FF folder, Thank God I didn't do it. To this day I can't beleive I found 2 FF Sandtroopers and 2 FF Boba Fett's and 2 of the rest and paid retail for them. No I didn't find any Weequay's or AT-ST Driver's. I ended up paying High dollar for them. I kind of wonder what the assorment was for Weequay and AT-ST Driver. Anyways I wish that all the figures were on FF cards, but that just wouldn't be Kenner or Habro wouldn't it!!!!!
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    I remember the pleasure and excitement when I found the Admiral Piett figure at Target. Those were the good days!


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