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    I just have one question and would appreciate it if someone could help

    yeah, im just wondering how the transaction actualy takes place, like are you just meant to trust that the person will send if you do, or is there something i dont know...

    If you answered thanks for your time

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    You can find out what their username is and check them out thru the feedback section. Unfortunately, there is no sure-fire way to make sure you aren't going to get ripped off.

    Be sure to send items using trackable, insured methods, preferably the postal service, at least that way if you have to make a claim, they will go after them for you.

    I have been trading on here for a while and haven't had any problems, but it looks like several others have.
    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks alot i really appreciate your help

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    Jedi Jeff77 is right on with his explination, if you are new, you are unfortunatly going to be asked to send first, but if you trade with GOOD people like Jeff, and others you have nothing to fear, just be sure to read up about all the bad traders.
    I post in my signature all the GOOD people and BAD people I've dealt with, and always try to update the feedback page with my experiences here.

    ALWAYS read the feedback page if you are going to deal with some one. And ask for that persons feedback. Don't let them give refs., ask if they have feedback posted about them at any of the trade sites.

    That is the best I can do for you, GOOD LUCK.


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    ok thanks thats good to hear that there is some way to find out who the good people to trade with are and i have no problem with being the person that has to send first as long as i know i am dealing with a trust worthy person. I think that is all the help i'll be needing, so i have to go make my have/want list, thanks again Jedi Jeff and Baby01

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    No problem! I hope you have good luck and welcome to SSG!!
    Thanks for the kind words, Baby 01.

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    Jedi_Bates -- I have just reciently completed my first transaction with one of the MANY great people here at SSG. I sent first cause I kinda thought I was supposed to -- being the new kid on he block, I didn't want to start causing trouble. The transaction went GREAT and I even got some good feedback. I returned the favor and I have now made a "trader-friend". Shortly after, I made my second trade and it went even better -- it gets addicting. Good luck with our trades and hope to se you in more treads !!
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