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    I didn't think Halloween III was all that bad. I know that it doesn't follow the storyline of the first 2, but it was kinda like one of those quirky horror anthology stories. I forget what your opinion was on Halloween III though Caesar. Care to re-enlighten me on it?

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    Ah yes, Halloween III: Season of Stonehenge the Witch ? ? ?

    Lame, I hated it as a kid, and I rewatched it a year or two ago only to hate it more.
    But it's easily dismissable, since it doesn't follow the Shape storyline.
    I remember shortly after H20's release, there was speculation that they would go with another Shape-less film for part 8.
    I just don't get it, why bother? I understand that they want to capitalize on the name recognition, but I don't believe people would flock to Halloween 3 were it released today.
    Heck, people aren't even going to flock to the new movie!
    I think it will fare "better" than Jason X, but not much more . . .

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    I never understood the whole "cult of Thorn" plotline either. And where the heck was Michael between 5 and 6 (Curse of MM)? I kind of like how they "tried" to explain Michael's existance, but it came off rather tacky, IMO. And can anyone explain the ending to 5? Its been a while since I watched 4-6, so I don't remember everything.

    And the ending to 6 was very confusing as well. I hope this next one is better.
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    Throughout 5, we see a "man in black" following the action, not doing anything.
    But by the end of the movie, Mikey is in jail and the mystery man shows up guns a blazin' to rescue him.
    And it ends there.

    And then in 6 we learn about Thorn and Wynn, the doctor trying to harness evil and it was supposed to be Wynn who was the man in black.

    I understand that Pleasance's death "forced" a reedit of the movie, but it's disgraceful to kill him off that way.
    Besides, H20 opens with them showing news clippings (I think) of his death, I mean he was an older character so a natural death is normal.

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    This is one that I will pass on. I like monster films, not slasher ones.

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    From what I heard, Rosenthal was fired from Halloween II and Carpenter ended up directing much of the film. I don't know if that true, but if it is, I am not sure that RR will deliver for Resurrection. I'll still see it though. I personally would have wanted Dwight Little who did H4. It is my favorite of the sequels, tied with 2 anyway.

    Also, was Loomis killed in 6? I don't remeber that. I thought that the beginning of H20 established that he had just died of old age.

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    wedge, I applaud your Halloween knowledge!

    Yes, Carpenter was involved in part 2, to what extent I don't know . . . but the word is that he had quite a hand in it.
    Plus, I believe Debra Hill was back as producer.

    Dwight Little would be great, while 4 is a bit more "slasher", I think it's a damn scary movie. I used to have nightmares of being chased on my rooftop by Mike. :happy: Definitely as good as 2, IMO. And while we're at it, I was upset that they killed Rachel in part 5.

    Loomis in 6 - yeah, they make it seem that he's dead. At the end, after Paul Rudd injects Mike with whatever and then they think he's dead or something, he leaves with the baby and that girl WITHOUT Loomis because the doc has one more thing to do.
    Well, he goes back in to the place and we here a terrible scream - of Loomis' death.
    And then they show the Bill Shatner mask on the floor (next to the needle?) and the movie is finally over.

    I'm open to correction on the specifics, but I think I hit it pretty accurately.

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    I still would like to see them restore 6. Even if the Thorn storyline was kinda out there, it still should be shown how it was originally intended. It was a terrible blow to the series with the death of Donald Pleasence.

    Just reading about the amount of butchering that was done to the film, saddens me. I think it would have been a much better film if they would have just explained away Loomis' disapperance in the next film. Which they did anyway in H20.

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    Yeah - why the heck would Sam go back into the sanitarium just to get killed? He said it perfectly in one of the other films that Mike can't be killed "because Hell won't have him."
    That's a darn scary idea as to how evil he is . . . instead it's because he had to kill his family line for the good of civilization.

    I just revisited the website, they have an interview with Rick Rosenthal . . . no mention of if he was or wasn't fired from Halloween II. Though I did learn that his wife played the nurse in part 2 who ends up getting killed in H20.

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    Thanks Caesar, and you right about 6, I just never associated the scream with Loomis' actual death. What a cheap way to end the character. Attempting to force a sense of finality into a film series that is infamous for avoiding it just does not work.

    As for Carpenter and Halloween 2, lists him as having a writing credit. Take what I said about RR with a grain of salt, I read it on aint it cool news, so I'm not sure how true it is.

    As a fan I hope this film is decent, I think it would be terrible to con the fans with this "Myers Lives" trick only to serve up a plate of swill.


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