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    What was originally supposed to happen in 6, does anyone know? I never figured it was Loomis' death scream at the end, but a scream of him finding the mask with no Michael. Oh well.
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    I don't like it either, but this is from the official website's plot synopsis of 6

    The film concludes with everyone getting out safe, except for Loomis, who walks back inside to "take care of unfinished business."

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    Here's the full lowdown on the Producer's Cut of Halloween 6:

    HALLOWEEN The Curse Of Michael Myers was released to audiences in a very different version than originally intended. The original cut of the film has become known as the "Producer's Cut." Although this version has never been released to the public, many fans have tracked down bootleg video tapes to see what happened in this earlier version. They come to find the "Producer's Cut" is almost an entirely different film!

    For starters, the opening titles themselves are quite different. The entire original cut was not filled with fast-flashing montages, as Joe Chappelle's final cut was. Dr. Loomis performs the opening voice-over, instead of Tommy Doyle.

    The film then flashes back to the finale of HALLOWEEN 5. We see Jamie enter the police station, and watch as Michael is shoved into a van outside. The Man In Black kidnaps her, and leaves the police station in explosive flames.

    Jamie escapes with the baby, and finds her way to the farm. But instead of Michael grinding her up, he simply stabs her and leaves her for dead...but she lives. Jamie ends up in the hospital, where she spends a good deal of the film.

    The next morning, the Strodes are having breakfast. As John slaps Kara, we see Danny look outside the window and see The Shape. Dr. Wynn's voice echoes "Kill for him."

    Several of the scenes are longer takes than those seen theatrically. A small, but effective, scene is shown as Kara leaves for school. Her parents watch her through the window, and John disowners her, saying "She's not my daughter anymore."

    Kara arrives at school, and walks around campus. We see The Shape watching her.

    Meanwhile, Jamie is still in the hospital. She dreams about Michael impregnating her while held in the clutches of the Thorn cult. Sadly, the Man in Black appears in her room, tells her "Your work is finished now, Jamie," and shoots her.

    The film continues like the theatrical version, without an exploding head, though...many of the scenes paced differently. The plot remains the same until the Thorn members take Kara prisoner - after which the theatrical ending is totally dropped. At Smith's Grove, they have Kara tied up on an alter, where Michael is to perform his final sacrifice by killing the baby Steven and passing the curse of Thorn onto Danny.

    In his office [in a completely different take of the scene], Dr. Wynn explains to Loomis how he protects Michael, and how he must pass on his duties to Dr. Loomis! During the sacrifice, Tommy sneaks in, dressed as a cult member. Kara reveals that the baby is Michael's. Tommy suddenly takes Wynn hostage, which allows Kara, Danny, and the baby to run for it. Trapped in the hospital by bars, Tommy takes out his supply of rune stones and arranges them in a special circle. He cuts himself, and adds his own blood to the circle, hoping to cancel out Michael's evil rune with thorns of goodness. Sure enough, he manages to stop Michael dead in his tracks as Loomis comes to the rescue to free them from the gate.

    As Tommy, Kara, Danny, and the baby drive off to safety, Loomis returns inside. As he unmasks Michael's body, he finds Wynn beneath the mask! As Dr. Wynn utters "it's your game now, Dr. Loomis," the Thorn appears on Dr. Loomis' wrist! Sam screams out in terror as Michael walks away, now dressed as the Man In Black.

    The film also features an almost completely different soundtrack. Much of this music can be found on the HALLOWEEN 6 original soundtrack. Make sure to check out the Sounds and Movies pages to download multimedia from this alternate cut!

    NOTE: Some scenes from the "Producer's Cut" are shown when HALLOWEEN 6 is shown on television. This version has not been released commercially. Please do not email this site asking where it is available.

    Check out for a review of the producers cut and to see some screen captures from it.

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    Gracias mi amigo...

    That certainly is a more interesting cut. I still don't understand why they opted for the "theatrical version." More "Thorn Cult" stuff in the producers cut, but it at least seems to explain more. I'm guessing though that there was, at least at some point, to have the 7th movie have Loomis with his "Thorn mark" hunt Michael, or something. God knows...

    yeah, 6 was pretty bad, but I did like when Michael off-ed the dad in the basement.
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    Yep, they opted for it, because all the set up for to making Loomis the new "protector" of Michael Myers was useless, because Donald Plesance died. So they hacked the movie up into a total mess, and released it. Hopefully since they are talking about doing S.E. DVD's of the rest of the Halloween series, they will restore the film. After all they explained Loomis' death at the start of H20 anyway.

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    sehr interesant . . .

    It was flowing not too shabbily until Tommy pulled out those stones and bled
    himself. Going off of THAT ending, H20 works a little bit more as sequel (and I know they didn't even care if it did). But still, had Loomis survived 6, he could have still died in between films and with the slaughter of the Thorn goons, we could assume the cult is extinct. Michael has risen above control, so he heads off to see the nurse, kills her after learning Laurie is still alive, and jacks a truck to Cali.
    That way, her daughter Jamie is dead, Laurie doesn't even have to know because there's no way for someone to tell her because they think she's dead (already set up in 4) and we assume Joshy was born soon after she went on the lam.
    The years don't add up, I'm sure, but that's not too big a deal when everything else is trying to fit.

    It's just that I like 4 alot, and WANT it to fit in with the others.
    Forgive me while I stretch things a bit.

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    Well, I went and caught a 11:15 AM show today of Halloween. It's a habit of mine, I have to see the first showing on the first day. But I have to say, other then having one of the worst days ever, the film was excellent. Much better then I expected, especially after the day started out so craptaculer. I'll explain that now.

    Ok, my brother and I arrive at the theater, promptly at 11:00. We find ourselves the comfy seats, and settle in to enjoy the show. Well, we notice right off the bat when the trailers start that the curtains aren't open all the way. Which is usually ok, cause they usually close them to the edges of the film. So the trailers are off onto the curtain, but thats no big deal. The film starts and of course, it's off onto the curtains.
    I'm royally cheesed over this, so I run out knowing that I am gonna miss a minute or so, because I can't stand seeing this. I run to the lobby, and no one is out there working. Someone comes out of one of the Employees only, while I am standing there really cheesed, and I tell her. "Hey, you want to please get someone into theater 6, and open the damn curtains." Of course what I wanted to say was much less polite, but I usually hold my tongue.

    I run back to the theater, so that I don't miss much and almost run into the guy that is going to do it. I finally get settled into my seat, i haven't missed much, other then the start of the flashback to H20 and I enjoy the film. The rest of the day went downhill from there, but I will spare you the details.

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    How does it stack up with the series? Thanks for the "fan's take", on stuff like this, the critics have no value.

    Otherwise, hope the weekend goes better.

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    It was fun!
    Okay, it's not a very good movie, but it was still fun!

    The first 10 minutes were better than the entire rest of the movie.
    The characters were quite hollow, but Busta Rhymes is cool and I enjoyed his performance.

    Oh, and
    Tyra Banks making her cappuchino was an absolute delight! :happy:

    Wedge, I have to rank it below Halloween 4 and Halloween 2.
    I have to say H20 was a bit better, but this new one had a few advantages too.

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    Yeah it was good. It has been many moons since I have seen any of the Halloween movies, except H20. I would have to say that it was very good though. I need to rent the series from HollyWood video sometime and have a Michael Marathon.


    Hey Caesar, wasn't that funny as hell where Busta is sneaking around the house dressed as Michael Myers, and the real Michael Myers comes up behind him. And he totally goes off on him, that he's Michael, and that this other guy should get lost, and go help Tyra in the garage.


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