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    Yes, that was a great scene. They totally set it up for the Shape to lash out, so when he actually turned away as Busta instructed, I had to chuckle. Nicely done.


    It's just that once the website portion began, there was nothing of substance to the film. No real plot development, because I didn't care if any of them got killed. There was nothing at stake, like in some of the other films. But Rosenthal did say he was going for thrills and a few scares, so in that sense I guess he succeeded.

    Folks, Deckard Smith is alive and well!
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    This movie was terrible. I should have wen tto see Reign of Fire.
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    Wait a minute evenflow, give us a bit of your backstory!
    Are you a fan of any of the Halloween movies? Did you expect a good movie only to be disappointed?

    Seriously, I'm sorry for laughing, but it's funny that you regret going to see a slasher flick.

    I mean, when I went to see Jason X, as silly as it was, I couldn't complain because I couldn't expect much to begin with.
    Please share.

    I liked some of the trailers they showed! Gangs of New York looks interesting, and how about Shanghai Knights?
    Swimfan - we had the "pleasure" of seeing that trailer twice on the same reel.

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    I saw it tonight (friday) and it was actually a lot better than (shudder) H2O, i mean god that sucked. but this one had a stupid premise but seeing the final cut if you will, it isnt that bad, and the end makes room for a 9th. but the events that begin the film kinda kill (no pun intended) the basis for a sequel. All i have to say is micheal is back and badder than ever, i mean this one i think has the highest body count of all Halloween movies, just like Jason X had the highest of its series. worth a gander oh By the way Tyra Banks isnt in it all that much, but theres a healthy dose of Sean Patrick Thomas and Busta Rhymes, if you like them.
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    Uhhh... I was going to go see, but I got out-voted and saw "Reign of Fire" instead (decent flick, cool premise, a bit short and under-developed though.)

    Anyway, it seems the "Halloween" fans enjoyed, so hopefully I'll see soon.

    Oh yeah, where are the "SPOILER" warnings?
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    spoiler warnings? the movie's out, what else would we be talking about? I stayed away from the Minority Report thread for weeks! I'm having a hard time staying out of the Road to Perdition thread.

    Just kiddin' Wolfy, sorry for not posting warnings.
    I went back and edited in a warning about a specific scene I wrote about.

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    Yeah Sorry Wolfy, I was trying to be vague even when I talked about spoilers. Didn't mean to reveal or ruin anything. I'll add spoiler warnings as well.

    By the way, like the new avatar? I got a sudden urge to change avatars to somthing completly different for a while. Bonus points if ya name the movie.

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    I think its Kung Pow.

    No I did not see that movie.

    Yes I am ashamed to know that!

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    I just be messin' with you guys. (The whole AOTC spoiler fiasco comes to mind. ) Hopefully I'll see either Halloween or Perdition tonight.

    I also saw the TTT teaser poster at the theater, and, suffice to say, I needed a new pair of pants after that.

    Has anyone every seen the extra footage that's used when they air the first Halloween on tv? I've never seen it, but I heard they re-shot footage during the second movie to add to the first? Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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    Yep, I know of the extra footage that you speak. I'm not too familiar with its contents, but Best Buy offers Halloween The Extended TV Cut (the title is something like that) on DVD for $14.99.
    I've been thinking about picking it up for quite some time, just to add to the collection.
    Looks like you have quite a choice tonight!
    Hmmm, Road to Perdition or . . . . Hall8ween Resurrection ?

    If that is Kung Pow, please change it.


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