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    39 outta 40 collection almost done.

    I have 39 out of the 40 figures that are currently out for the saga series. All I need right now is the Kamino escape Jango...and still waiting on the release of Ki-Adi-Mundi toy which should be here in a matter of days!!!

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    I can't believe you got all 39 but one that so easy to find here..Thats a figure you can find everytime you goto a store here
    Please go post here If you WANT A HERMI ODLE FIGURE!!

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    I also got 39 out of the 40, only missing Chewbacca, as its not in the UK yet.
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    I even have KE Jango and I'm living in france where only 8 figs are out yet!
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    Chewie is a hard one to find but Jango is all over the pegs here. HH
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    When they first came out KE Jango was everywhere, so I told myself to wait on it to drop in price, while I searched for harder characters. But now after I waited so long =( its nowhere. I'm sure if I'm patient i'll run into it sooner or later.
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    have them all except Obi Wan JSF here......just wont show up around here
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    I have 35 out of 40. I'm missing the Massiff, Chewie, JSF Obi-Wan, Palpy and Djas.

    Hoping to find them soon, I heard my Wal-Mart got in a shipment of toys so I hope they're in there, they've yet to restock though.
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    I'm at 37 I guess. I only need Palp, Dajs, and Bespin Chewie. LT- I don't think Oklahoma has got the Palpy/Dajs wave, I've been searching everywhere.

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    i have all 40-40 that are in stores in decent quantites....we'll be getting the maul wave probably by 2-5 weeks from now in stores...
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