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    My first figure was Vader, followed closely by C3PO. After I spent about 3 hours calling every store in town looking for Star Wars figures, I finally found some and sent my Mom out shopping. She came home with a few dozen (I think they were less than $1 each) and used them as allowance for me and my brothers and sister for a while.
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    I remember it was a Friday night and my father came home from work. He brought an original Luke and Leia home. He gave me Luke and my sister Leia. The next day I woke up and Vader was there in my room and then the next day he gave me an Obi-Wan.

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    There were four....
    The Early Bird Four!

    I can still remember finding that little box in the mail and pulling the white tray out containing the harbingers of the rest of my life!
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    Well I had most of them as A kid ,but a few years ago when I wanted to fill in the missing figures that were lost in battle or lost there head or limbs do to over active battles as a child. The first I bought was the first Han from A little store called Lone star comics when I checked out the chashier handed me A flyer for A convention that weekend...
    ...and the rest is A long long line of green paper. A very very long line of green paper.
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    first figure

    First vintage figure? Mine was a hand me down from my older cousin in '78 or '79. The figure was a "Sand Person" aka Tusken Raider. I still have it to this day, but of course he has no weapon or cape. His head is really loose, too. But, damn, I still remeber playing with that thing for hours in my parents' dining room.

    Around that time I also had a generic R2-D2 that I called "iggle iggle iggle" 'cause that's the sound I thought R2 made in the movie. Ahhh, those were the days.

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    My first figures also were hand me downs: a C-3P0 with a broken off hand and a super-loose Hammerhead.

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    I got the original 12, X-wing, Tie, and Landspeeder for Christmas, 1978. But the first one that I opened was Darth Vader.

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    Mine has to be lUKE AND DARTHVADER.

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    Early-bird Luke with telescoping saber. I think that early-bird R2 was mine also, but I think I traded it to my sister for another figure (back in the days when half the figures were hers, and half mine).

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    My 1st was Luke with the yellow hair.The only one that I have been able to hold on to.
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