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    My first guy was Bossk but I didn't know who it was or that it was a Star Wars figure because my dad found it at his work and brought it home to me. It wasn't in a package and I hadn't seen ESB yet. It was only years later that I came upon it after seeing some package backs that I realized that it was a SW toy. My first 4 figures were Bossk, Greedo, Emperor's Royal Guard, and Stormtrooper but none of them were new or even complete. They were just stuff that my friends gave me or that my dad found. Then one of my friends gave me some of his guys. Then my cousin gave me all of his guys and ships... and it hasn't really stopped since.
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    Ah yes the day my life changed forever. It was in 1978 and I was 6 yrs. old, my dad brought home with him the Early Bird 4-Pack with Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, and R2-D2. I couldn't have been any happier and when my dad told me there were more of these action figures coming out soon I knew what I'd be asking for on my birthday and at Christmas time.
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    I got my first figures for my 6th birthday. They were Luke Skywalker (ANH), Princess Leia (ANH), Hoth Han, Chewbacca, Death Star Droid, R2-D2 w/ Sensorscope, Darth Vader, Ben Kenobi, Yoda, and the Wampa.
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    My first was Yoda. I was 3 and it was present for the heck of it. Before that I was using Fisher-Price little people for my star wars figures. It be a whole 6 months before I got 4-LOM. What an eternity.
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    my very first figure was greedo, the first one i bought was the big head han solo, i gave it to my mom cause i knew she liked him i think she still has him which is more than i can say about my collection

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    Captain Trips
    Han, Chewie, Luke, Vader, and a Stormtrooper along with the Falcon for my 6th birthday.

    Still rates as one of the best days of my life...

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    my first figure is a blur but i can tell you i have fond memories of playing with them as a kid. born in '77, brother five years older, we had 3 of everything. one for my me, one for my brother, one for my mom. i can still remember my mother taking us to a little toy shop and purchasing the dagobah playsets (and a hulahoop). so my mom is the cause of all this that runs in my veins for life. Thank you mom.
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    my family too was and is supportive of my star wars stuff

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    Stormtrooper and C-3P0 at K-Mart in 1978 - still have 'em Next year they will be 25 years old
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    R2-D2 and C-3po both were a birthday present in 78 from my uncle. I also got the Landspeeder that birthday.


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