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    Arrow Would You Want Hasbro to Do this...take a look

    Well I don't know if you've all seen mattel's rerelease of all the MOTU figures. They look just as they did back in the eighties and are in the same blister pack and card backing but then thats in another anniversay type package. I love this idea. Now Would you want Hasbro to rerelease some of the vintage star wars figures in there original packaging? Not all of the 93 but like 20-25 different figures. And if they don't have the molds theres ways they could get around this. I would love this and would buy every single one. I'd pay $25 for each. It would BE GREAT and sell very well i think. Some of these are very expensive and It would be great for some collectors to get the piece cheap when the only difference was the date. And use the old Kenner Logo on the front of the package. I mean nice QUALITY and just like the vintage. Where you can tell them apart from the dates really. What do you think?

    Figures I'd like to see done if they would do this next year for the 25th anniversary of the toy line.

    POTF Han Carbonite
    POTF Anakin Skywalker(aussie release very $$$$)
    POTF Yak Face (on american or tri logo potf card? No US release)
    POTF Luke Stormtrooper
    POTF Lando General
    POTF Imperial Dignitary
    POTF Nikto(aussie release very $$$$)
    POTF ATAT Driver(aussie release very $$$$)
    POTF Gammorrean Guard (aussie release very $$$$)
    POTF Stormtrooper
    ROTJ Boba Fett
    SW 21back Boba Fett
    ESB 48 back no offer 4-Lom (now zuckuss)
    POTF Darth Vader
    POTF Ben Kenobi
    ROTJ Princess Leia Organa (White outfit)
    POTF Han Solo Endor
    ROTJ Emperors Royal Guard
    the first 12 figures on the first card
    and the rest of the POTF releases.

    This would sell great and would be so much fun to have.

    Would you want this? gimme some feedback


    Also I'd love I mean JUST LOVE to see them sell the POTF figures that never got a release. Take a look at the old toy fair catalog of figures that didn't make it to POTF cards back in 1985. here is a pic but its very small i can't find the big one

    But just look at them they make your mouth water...the Boba Fett is beautiful. I would love to see these 20 figures finally make it on POTF CARDS as well as the other 50 figures.
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    I think I'd just about crap myself if I ever saw that. I'd easily pay $25 for any of the POTF figs that you listed because right now figs like Han Carbonite go for around $50 loose. Also, I'm pretty sure they still have the molds. They still have the GI Joe molds and all the molds to the vintage Star Wars vehicles that they are constantly tweeking so why wouldn't they have the vintage figure molds?
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    I'd give'em what they originally cost when they were released: $3. There'd be no real reason to over-price the figure except to cheat collectors. For 25 vintage figures, it's much more realistic to spend $75 for the set of 25 than $625 when nothing is new.
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    I will like to see that to but i will go along with LtBasker they but do not make them 25. Go look at the but a the price the he-man first came out with comparer the 10.99 rerelease. And adjust the prices as need.

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    I'd rather try to track the originals down or wait for Hasbro to create new versions. I'm not paying for what amounts to a less-detailed mold created from an action figure.

    Not to mention that Hasbro just lost the Warner Bros. licence to Mattel, and that company is simply using the re-releases as a springboard for new Masters of the Universe product.
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    I think the original 12 backs would be cool
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    I think that it would be a neat plan to have the vintage re-released (much like the box set that had the widescreen card included)

    When that came out I stepped right up with my money & said, thanks!!!!

    I would definitely buy anything retro!

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    It would be a very cool thing if they re-release some of the vintage stuff in the original package design. I just love those black blister cards with the great movie shots of the included figure. The new lightgreen, red or blue packaging design never really felt like "star wars" for me.

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    It likely won't happen. I don't know aout you guys, but alot of us old timers remeber the negative reaction that the TRU 4-pack of vintage re-issues receieved. There were even reports of people purposfully damaging the packages, because they hated the re-issues so much. Hasbro said that it was a big mistake, and they would never do it again.

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    Well thank the maker for that. It's a hidious prospect as far as I'm concerned. Imagine the poorer quality sculpts made of the poorer quality plastics they use now. Dear oh dear, how tragic that would be. I'd rather they concentrate on getting the newer figures right and getting rid of the lousy gimmicks to give us decent sculpts and decent product. At a decent price too.


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