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    Cool do you ever make STAR WARS dioramas?

    I would like to make a diorama of the last big battle scene from
    AOTC, but I would need hundreds of Clone troopers battling
    the Battle droids, that would cost a lot.

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    For my arena diorama I have the jedi's out front, as well as Jango and the Reek. I know it's not true to the film as I have clonetropers in mine too, but I put my Battle droids, SBD's, Geo's, and Clone tropers in the back and I have a Mirror as a back drop. It looks like there are many more behind them, then I really only have a few. Also the backs of the Jedi just look like other Jedi in the background. Just an idea. I bet you could make a cool looking battle scene with 10 or so droids and clones with a mirror backdrop. You could probably get away with 5 or 6 of each.

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    Well, the arena playset comes out in a few months, and it looks pretty cool, that will be a great start. As for clone troopers, I'm sure they will be on clearance within a year or so.

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    I've been SOOO tempted to put together a fully custom ARENA BATTLE with all the jedi figures and Count Dooku, Jango, etc, etc, etc (w/ many Geonosians I might add). However, I just don't have the cash to buy these army builders, extra figures, and materials to bulid. I certainly don't have the time either.

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    I like to make my OWN arena battles... Like with Zam, and Count Dooku battling Jedi... Just my own vision of the battle!

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    Re: do you ever make STAR WARS dioramas?

    Originally posted by Jango Mango
    I would like to make a diorama of the last big battle scene from
    AOTC, but I would need hundreds of Clone troopers battling
    the Battle droids, that would cost a lot.
    I'm with you, but I just don't have enough space in my room to do it.

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    Someday. I to need space! And a lot of figures.

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    I hope to
    however both time and money and space ( a lot of the three ) are something that I just do not have at the moment
    Fig's I need: MOMC
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    *Justice League
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    (email me with MotU/JL in the subject. thanks!)

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    Im going to make a Bespin one...BUT I NEED PICS OF THE HALLS OF BESPIN FIRST!!!
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    I plan on making an Arena Battle diorama once the playset arrives. I've already bought all the Jedi's including a few extras that I've customised as casualties. I got 15 of the Theed Playset Battle Droids to use as the destroyed and background marching droids. I also am using 15 SBD's and 18 Saga BD's for the one on one confrontations with the Jedi. I'll have all 3 beasts 4 Genosians and one Massiff in addition to at least 6 Destroyer Droids when they come out.
    I decided to just recreate the battle scene before the Clonetroopers arrive due to the fact that the size of the Republic Gunship would make the Arena look to far out of scale. I also don't like the Preview Clonetrooper to much and since thats the only all white trooper available I didn't think it would look as good.
    I just can't wait for that playset to come out so I can put all the pieces together. It's gonna be fun
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