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    Thumbs up Han or Luke...??

    For u...who was the better pilot between Han and Luke??

    Although Luke was the hero of the saga i stay with Han.

    Your thoughts...
    As always...........L

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    Han, because he didn't even need the Force.
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    Originally posted by Fulit
    Han, because he didn't even need the Force.
    I agree. The only reason Luke was good at anything was because of the Force.

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    Definaley Han. He is a cooler character, he flies without the force, and his best friend is a Wookiee. And he made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs!

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    Here's a harder one...

    Who's the better worst pilot, Porkins or Hobbie (snowspeeder pilot from ESB)?
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    Better pilot: Han, because Luke hardly pilots. He just flies. Straight in the trench. Has to have Biggs bail him out. Flies into a huge fire ball! Crashes into a swamp. Gets hit by an AT-AT cannon without swerving. Yawn...

    Better worst pilot: Hobbie. Why? I don't know. Just guessing. I have a 50% chance of being right.
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    Whoever told Porkins to eject was a pretty stupid pilot...HELLO??!? They are in OUTER SPACE!!! Sheesh...

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    Luke, because he was the hero (and he had 2 lightsabers, that sort of thing matters to you when you're a kid ), oh, and he kicked Darth Vader's arse!

    Han's cool too in my book, but he relies on his friends, especially Chewie, too much for my tastes.

    Porkins could have ejected, the X-wing pilot flightsuit has a quick mask to cover the face for emergency eject in much EU, plus, the line wouldn't be in the film if they couldn't eject. Porkins is the worst pilot though IMO because he gets splashed RIGHT AWAY.
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    Thumbs up

    Between Hobbie and Porkins?? Hobbie...hands down, hey he is in Rougue Squadron!!
    As always...........L

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    Originally posted by JediTricks

    Han's cool too in my book, but he relies on his friends, especially Chewie, too much for my tastes.

    What would've happened to Luke, though, had Han not come back and saved him? Daddy would've turned him into space junk, that's what!
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