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    I seem to be in the vast minority here. I don't care much about the figures or any play features such as goofy missles in the Millennium Falcon and TIE Bomber (they seem so out of place). Then again, the reason I got into AF is because they scale was very similar to the die-cast ships I had as a kid. I flew those things around the forest on my parents acre for years and when I was done playing outside I went in and played with the 3 3/4 figures that my brother and I had. I've always known that the kids probably love the AF play features but I never really considered that the adult collectors would care much for them. I guess this is a reminder that all collectors are different and collect for different reasons.

    Everybody in this forum seems to be in an uproar while I'm just happy to see AOTC AFs coming out (even if the Solar Sailor is a piece of crap). Don't get me wrongo, I'm not trying to say that anybody is wrong for being angry. Coke cancelled Mr. Pibb and is now only selling Pibb Xtra and I'm VERY ANGRY so I know how it feels when something you love is taken away (although I did buy up the 34 remaining Mr. Pibb 12 packs I found around town so I do have a stockpile for awhile).

    So here is the ultimate questions that my rant was leading too: is the lack of figures and play features a "deal-breaker" to the majority of AF collectors out there? What would it take for each of you to say goodbye to collecting AFs (or are you already to that point)? What is it that you love (or loved) most about AFs?

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    Someone please explain to HAGGIE why we love MM and AF,I'm out of words right now.
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    Comparing Apples to Oranges

    In an answer to your question Haggie, its hard to put across my feeling about it, hmmm? Lets say that your a die hard VW beetle fan, you went crazy when you heard that they where bringing the beetle back...... Lets say they did bring it back and it no longer resembled the beetle that you grew to love. Imagine now the little car is no longer rounded but boxy and to top it off the doors are welded shut and you cant get in to drive it? ...... Its the simple fact that Hasbro has changed the Action Fleet line to fit a sales cryteria for a different consumer, maybe we have changed with age but are taste have not. Ones who have been along for the ride of collecting this series, have been let down, without any thought to those of us who have stood by Action Fleets transition from Galoob to Hasbro, we ultimately have been left in the cold. To tell the truth I like what they have done with the series, only, they should have put the collection under a new series name, because it no way resembles the idea behind action fleet itself. If I wanted a featureless toy that was designed to collect dust on a shelf, I would just buy a model.

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    I guess the ultimate answer is that all of you just want to see the line continue on as it was, which makes sense. I'd rather see the line continue as it was as well, but ultimately the changes don't bother me. But that's just me. What I'm really wanting to know is what it would take for each of you to not collect the line anymore (or are you already to that point).

    I don't actually "play" with my AFs, they just go in a display cabinet. What I love about AFs is that they are a great representation of my favorite aspect of Star Wars: the spaceship designs. For me, the best part about the AF series is that they are able to produce ships that would never see the light of day in the 3 3/4" line (and sell it to me for $10 to boot). Since my AFs are really just display pieces, because I love the ship designs first and foremost, I don't mourn the loss of the play features, although I would rather have figures than not at all. To be honest, I would be in an uproar if they got rid of the display stands.

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    As I said in an earlier post, I'll still buy two of anything released under the AF brand - one to keep boxed, and one to display opened. But it doesn't mean I feel any loyalty to, or respect for Hasbro. I don't really play with my ships either, so the loss of action features are not a deal-breaker for me. But I do think the ships will look a lot more sterile, even solely as display pieces, without pilots in the cockpits.

    Also, I think I understand and agree with Sakay, that if Hasbo wants to shift Action Fleet away from a play toy aimed at young kids, to a strictly shelf display collectible, then it kind of sucks that they still call it "Action Fleet." I know they prefer to stick with the existing brand identity, but it the name is on the verge of becoming a foolish contradiction.

    I know that AF has always sold well among collectors, due to the ships being such quality and detailed representations for such a great price, but what I don't know is whether, by taking away the play-attraction and losing all the sales to the younger kids, the sales to collectors alone can be enough to carry the line to where Hasbro will consider it profitable enough to keep making more?
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    action fleet WAS the last hope for people wanting to create huge clone trooper armys with clone troopers dangling off the side of republic gunships ,just think of the dioramas that could have been created !

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    Sorry but hasbro has said to us just buy our 3 3/4 inch toyline because we know whats best for you and consumers at large.

    Bunch of socialist!

    And one more thing,if hasbro is really sincere about sacrificing playability and figure's in exchange for great detail what the hell happened to Dooku's solar sailor?

    What a lie, what deception!
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    I hope everyone realizes that because of what Hasblow is doing to the AF. We, will not see any Micro Machines. They are trying to turn the AF into a new larger MM line.
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    How lazy can Hasbro get ? Two of the neatest things about Action Fleet vehicles has been removed! What will they do next, sell them loose?
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    What will they do next
    well, let's see....

    No figures means no need for opening cockpits, so why not just make the models MM-like, with no cockpit at all, just with dark paint over the canopy section?

    Astromech droids can be done the same way, just a molded, painted bump behind the painted, solid, unopening canopy.

    Retractable landing gear is such a waste of money. These ships are only supposed to rest on their stands as displays anyway, not be played with to pretend take-offs and landings, so who needs landing gear?
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