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    Angry please call hasbro NOW!

    Come on guy's call hasbro at 1-888-836-7025 and tell a freind to call also and let them know your the paying customer and give your input in an intelligent manor!

    In business they see it this way,for every 1 person that call's about a product,500 people feel the same way.
    Don't wait for these guy's at hasbro move on anything,they need to be givin a little shove because their so big and beuracratic!

    I for one am glad to see the AF toyline coming out of a long coma but its still in the intensive care unit and if we do not take action now this great toyline will be buried forever by hasbro!

    Tell them you want MM's revived,AF figures with the vehicles and no cheesy,scaled down AF final product like Dooku's solar sailer.
    Tell them you would like to see the AF toyline extended to other sci-fi licenced properties as well.

    I am sick and tired of hasbro's let them eat cake attitude and now please pass the lithium I'm foaming at the mouth.
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