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    Angry please call hasbro NOW!

    Come on guy's call hasbro at 1-888-836-7025 and tell a freind to call also and let them know your the paying customer and give your input in an intelligent manor!

    In business they see it this way,for every 1 person that call's about a product,500 people feel the same way.
    Don't wait for these guy's at hasbro move on anything,they need to be givin a little shove because their so big and beuracratic!

    I for one am glad to see the AF toyline coming out of a long coma but its still in the intensive care unit and if we do not take action now this great toyline will be buried forever by hasbro!

    Tell them you want MM's revived,AF figures with the vehicles and no cheesy,scaled down AF final product like Dooku's solar sailer.
    Tell them you would like to see the AF toyline extended to other sci-fi licenced properties as well.

    I am sick and tired of hasbro's let them eat cake attitude and now please pass the lithium I'm foaming at the mouth.
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    Angry I'm with SID!

    We as mm and action fleet fans owe it to one another to speak up, and for once show that there is a following that wishes for Hasbro to make conscience judgments into developement of this line that relate to what the consumer wants. Show concern, this new series will no longer be a great toy, but a collectors edition with no moving parts and figures to manipulate. At this rate of developement we are sure to end up where the pre-posed action figures have gone, no articulation, the fundamental element that makes an action figure a toy.

    Doesn't the name Action Fleet convey the idea that this series is not intended for collecting dust on someones shelves. "Hasbro toys should be made to play with!" Put the action back into action fleet!

    ac.tion (ak'shen),.n. 1. the process or state of acting or functioning; the state of being active.
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    Darn right, we are the paying costumers. We need to tell them what we what to see, not let them tell us what we HAVE to buy.
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    I cant beleave the lousy excuse hasbro gave for not including figures for the new action fleet i mean its pathetic it would be okay if the new action fleet looked good but quite frankly it looks crap! (apart from the at te)

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    Too Sir Steve respectfully,

    Concerning the the latest news from hasbro,as one guy said in the movie(Aliens) revised quote"maybe you havn't been keeping up on current events but we just got our asses kicked pal!"
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    Hasblow should change the name of the line as well. They won't be AFs without the figures and great features. I'm sure little kids won't like them as much and I'll bet some collectors will not buy them either. So the result of trying to save money on the AF production will also reduce profits. So I don't see the point. Why change an awesome line and hope for the best. Sticking with the traditional style would seem to be the way to go. They were probably smoking crack when they made this decision, the money saved is supplying them with even more crack. No other explanation.


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    change the name to boring fleet. ill make my own action features on them, like crap i tryed playing with the dookie ship and the damn sales broke off, hows that for a stinkin feature ........ also hasbro needs to get real star wars fans to tell them what to make!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cuz now i wanna get a job there and work in their offices and let them know im ****sssed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hasbro only bought Galoob in order to eliminate a competitor. They have no interest in the survival of the Galoob legacy product lines, in fact, just the opposite. Hasbro wants to eliminate any choices other than 3-3/4" figures and the vehicles made for them.

    This is just my opinion, but it seems to fit the facts. I mean, notice how the Hasbro reply even manages to insert an oblique advertisement for the 3-3/4" line. The subtext of that comment screams to me Hasbro's real priority for SW toys.
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    Originally posted by SID
    Too Sir Steve respectfully,

    Concerning the the latest news from hasbro,as one guy said in the movie(Aliens)"hey man I don't mean to rain on your parade but we just got our asses kicked pal!"
    Just a quicky repsonse to that from me, not Steve. I wrote the story and while I was *extremely* frustrated with what Hasbro was saying, I wanted to get the info out there without cutting this Hasbro tie because I want to get more info about this. I could have gone off in that news post and badmouthed Hasbro for this blunder, but I knew anybody who read it would be able to form their own conclusions from the info itself rather than my somewhat-subdued stuff around it.
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    "...we wanted to concentrate the decoration and cost of the item on detailed recreations of the vehicles themselves, rather than splitting it between the vehicle and a figure. We have also eliminated play features such as firing missiles."

    It stands to reason that this also means there won't be any new playsets.
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