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    Super Star Destroyer

    The Collectors Cantina makes it sound like they are virtually non-existent. Just how rare is the SSD? Do any of you have it?

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    I assume you are talking about the supposed Action Fleet version? If you are, then that ship was pretty hard to get. Most people never saw them at retail. I've seen them go up on Ebay from time to time. Price range is about $150. For that matter too the die cast Super Star Destroyer is another hard ship to come by.
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    You mean the Collector Fleet? Those are rare indeed, but certainly not non-existant. I've been looking to pick one up for a while. Two years ago you could snag one for $80, which I thought was too expensive at the time. Now I'm regretting not buying one. LBC is right on the money at the $150 for the current price range. I saw one go for over $300 on eBay but that's completely insane. I guess it's probably comparable to the AF E-Wing.

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    Thanks guys! I was just wondering because I have one. Unfortunetly I opened when I first got it. DOH!

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    I also have one of these I found at retail, and even though it's not MM, it's paired up with a few Galoob Die Cast Star Destroyers - it's a great set, but sadly pretty rare as it only got a short release to KBs and FAOs and a few other retail chains who couldn't get rid of the CF Star Destroyer and Rebel Blockade Runner.
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    I bought my Blockade Runner and regular Star Destroyer for about 15 a piece at KB. I did see the Super Star Destroyer also at KB (for weeks on end) for about the same amount, but never picked it up as I thought the detailing or the scale didn't make it worth the money. Looking back, maybe I should have, but I don't really regret it. They didn't look as great as they should have. If I ever see a model, I'll go ahead and get that.

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    I remember seeing it sit at KB on the top of the shelf, I wanted the Collector Fleet ships, but I was 9 at the time and my parents didn't want to spend that much on a toy. By the time I was able to afford it, it was gone.
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    i purchased my ssd on ebay several years ago for $25.00

    i never saw em at retail, and at the time i got mine, the jawa trader was selling em for about $70.00.

    the sound effects are the best feature of this particular model. each of the movie sound bytes are very clear and sound terrific. (as opposed to the other two ships, blockade runner and sd, who's sound effects are muddled and tinny)

    the clear tinted plastic used for the top of the ssd was a horrid choice of materials, and the front of the ship where it comes to a point looks clumsy and not well thought out.
    the one good thing about it display wise, is that they did put a good bit of thought into the engine details. the ship is best viewed looking at it's rear flying away from you.

    it's not one of my favorites.
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    Anybody interested in selling theirs? LMK.

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    gsj; "not one of my favorites"

    -hmm, b'jr wouldn't mind one, & haggie wouldn't mind one; it sounds like if you wanted to find someone to take it off yer hands you wouldn't have any trouble
    meanwhile, if you Do send it up this way I wouldn't mind getting a Look at it; i don't know whether i'd want one, but i've never seen it o-o-p in person and have been curious


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