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Thread: Goldmember!!

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    Is there a release set for a DVD yet? Or is there any speculation?
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    Now it is time for the shoosting to begin! Would you like a shmoke and a pankake? ya know, a shigaret and a flapjack, a shigar and a waffle, a pipe and a crrape, a bong and a blintz? Then there is no pleeeaseing you....
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    I just watched this movie and hated it. I loved the first one, didn't like the second one, and couldn't wait for this one to be over. Oh well, I wasn't figuring it would be the matrix or anything but the movie dragged on like skits on Saturday Night Live do nowadays. The premise is old and tired, and definitely needs something fresh to happen to it. Maybe a good PC game with few content boundaries would be the proper vehicle for this franchise to take off again.

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    While I don't agree with your assessment of the movie, I do agree that Austen Power's would make one helluva cool video game. Particularly using the same game engine as 007: Goldeneye or Perfect Dark! Add in lots of trademark Austen Powers sound bites, some cool animated sight gags, wacky weapons, power-ups and items, some cool retro (and even some modern) levels and multi-player arenas, lot's of Bond references and take-offs, and...VOILA, you've got yourself one seriously cool game! Imagine playing a multi-player game using all of Austen's supporting cast; Fat B*****d, Dr. Evil, Frau Farbissina, Scott, Mini-Me, Felicity Shagwell, Mustafa, Goldmember, and on, and on, not to mention Austen and others in lots of different scene specific outfits! Who do we haveta beg for this game?!

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    I'll admit that I'm not a big AP fan, but I went with a friend yesterday to finally see it. I went more because my buddy begged me than because I wanted to. My assessment is that the first few minutes were funny with the cameos but as soon as it went into that flaming dance number I was totally turned off. This was the worst movie I've seen in the theaters since I don't know when.

    Mike Myers is a funny guy, but when the writing consists of 90% penis, fart, and bathroom jokes even with some originality, that says "Hey Americans! I think you're dumb and won't understand classier humor so I'm giving you this tripe to swallow." No thanks. It totally overshadowed the stuff that was funny without being blue. I hope they're won't be a fourth one.
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