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Thread: Goldmember!!

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    I guess the movie won't be as good as the other two but I will probably see it in the theater anyways
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    Goldmember has been getting some really good reviews here in the UK, they say it's better than the 2nd. So if you liked the 2nd you'll like the 3rd. I can't wait until it opens on friday, I'm going to watch it.
    I suppose I'll have to find a date, I can't go on my own I always go and skit people who as for "Just the one ticket please" .

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    Originally posted by pthfnder89

    If you mean funniy as in Haha, look how horrible this is, then you're probably right.

    I loved the original Austin Powers, but The Spy Who Shagged Mw was cinematic excrement, and Goldmember will probably be more of the same. I just hope to god Heather Graham doesn't have a cameo in the begining like Liz Hurely did, or else I'll just leave at the first sight of her to distance myself from her "acting" abilities.
    No way, the second improved upon the first. I can't friigin' wait to see Goldmember.
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    Re: Goldmember!!

    Originally posted by scruffziller
    I have heard that the first ten minutes is probably the funniest in cinema history.
    Well, no. But it was close to the funniest ten minutes. At first I thought the beginning was going to be a spoof of the opening of MI:2 with Cruise climbing on the rocks. Turns out I was half right.

    I didn't like the Goldmember character. Meyers characters are becoming more and more skeletal. Just him doing a dumb voice with some stereotyping.

    Beyonce Knowles' entire purpose in the movie seemed to be to have a nice rack and show off her tummy. Not that I'm complaining.

    Michael Caine was hilarious. The original supporting players are getting less and less to do thanks to multiple-Meyers hogging the screen. Mindy Sterling barely even registered a line in the film. She was simply window dressing. Robert Wagner did his "We've invested in..." shtick then he got busted down to "visual continuity/setpiece" Seth Green got in his back-n-forth across the table (though lord knows what it was about. That turnip has been squeezed dry...) and has more to do in the end, but most of the non-Meyers camera time went to Verne Shroyer and Beyonce's lithe, supple, nubile, scantily clad body.....mmmmmmmmmmm

    Where was I?

    The movie was funny in a self referential juggernaut kind of way. The Austin Powers movies are less about plot (this ones about using a giant tractor beam tugging an asteroid made of gold into the polar ice caps, creatring a deluge across the world unles....the whole one meelion dollars shtick) and more about showcasing Meyers multiple personalities ( a dwindling supply) and his ability to reference obscure junior high toilet humor (some of them were pretty funny). The juggernaut rolls on, they are talking of a 4th film.

    If you laughed hard at the first two (and I did) you'll enjoy this one.
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    Can anyone tell me who the cameos are at the beginning? I've heared that Tom Cruise is one but I don't know if it's true or not.

    I've got my ticket for 7:20 tonight so I suppose I'll find out then but if anyone can tell me before I go I'll be most grateful.

    I'm hoping the cinema isn't packed because of the Big Brother Final (Jonny to win!!!) cause there's alway's screaming teenagers running around when going to see a 12 movie!

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    Yeah, Pendo, I'll probably see this too, either tonight or tomorrow. I'm glad we'll finally get to see sharks with laser beams attached to their heads, which I've been waiting for since the first movie.

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    I am going to see it tomorrow night. Crap! There are about 10 movies I haven't seen. I am normally up on these things.

    Eight Legged Freaks, Bourne Identity, Minority Report, Goldmember, Mr. Deeds....I think that's all.....who knows.
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    Just got back, it was excellent. I think it was actually better then the first 2. Pendo, the special guests starts include, Tom Cruise, Gwyneth Paltrow, Steven Spielburg, John Travolta, Kevin Spacey, Danny Devito, Quincy Jones, and Brittany Spears. The opening is great, but the rest of the film is even better. Mini-Me is great!!! I may need to grab a Mini-Me avatar.

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    Which AP movie did you prefer? I loved the first one, but hated the 2nd. I thought the first one succeeded on wit and subtle humor (well, at least by today's comedic standards), but I did not like the second one, I thought it just recycled the jokes of the first making longer louder and dirtier. I am curious to know whether this one closer to the first one, if so, then I'm there.


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