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Thread: Minority Report

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    Thumbs up Minority Report

    what a great movie, Speiberg has not lost his touch, i thought he night have, cause of AI, what a horrible movie. well anyway i love his new one, 10 out a 10 stars, great flick, go see it.
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    i just saw it too, and i was about to come to the forums to start up a thread about this movie. that was a very well made movie and kept my attention all the way. it just proves my point that steven spielburg cannot make a bad movie, even A.I. was good. i must be the only one that thinks that. but anyway, excellent movie.
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    I am going to see this tonight. I have heard nothing but positive things about it.
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    does anyone know why it is titled "minority report"? who or what are the minority and what are they reporting?

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    I saw it last night and I loved it! I think it's one of Spielberg's best! To answer your question derek, Minority Report refers to the fact that the precognitions of future crimes come from a group of three psychics or PRECOGS, one female and twin males. When they have precognitions they do not always agree. One may not see events that the other two see, or may not see them the same way. Being one differing view out of three, that precog's view would be in the minority. Thus it would be disregarded as the "minority report" and generally disregarded for reasons you'd be better of discovering while watching the film. Try it, you won't be disappointed!

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    Is there violence/fight scenes? Does anyone die?

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    What a terrible trailer! I was not at all impressed by the way they cut together Cruise and Farrell's clips, and that music that they played is overused.

    But I still plan to see it anyway.

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    Dangit! I was going to see it last night. But at 8:30, the 9:30, 10:40, and 12:45 shows were all sold out. Ugh.
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    It's awesome. Definite twisting going on at the end. Very cool. And the DareDevil trailer was pretty sweet too. I may have to reverse my stance on that film...
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    I agree. I saw Minority Report today and thought it was awesome. It was great to finally see Neal McDonough again. He'd be my first choice to play John Rassick if they made a movie of Battle of the Force. Neal has been in:
    -First Contact, where he played Lt. Hawk
    -Ravenous, where he played Reich
    -The X-Files, where he played Knowle Roer
    -And now Minority Report, where he played Fletcher.

    And as for DareDevil, I think this explains it all:


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