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Thread: Goldmember!!

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    I have heard that the first ten minutes is probably the funniest in cinema history.
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    What did you hear about the movie? I thought the opening credits in "The Spy Who Shagged Me" were the best I've ever seen, really hilarious. I always think Austin Powers is great and I am looking forward to "Goldmember."
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    Probably not quality comedy though. Just one of those pop-up things. I'm definitely not going to see this in theaters, I don't support movies with pop stars, especially ones I really really don't like.
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    I have a bad feeling about this movie. Oh well, we'll see.
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    I think they'll go stupidly over-the-top with this one, since they really can't make it any funnier than the last one.

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    Like QLD, I have a really bad feeling about this one. The trailers look as unfunny as anything in the past 3 years and the idea of crossing "Goldfinger" with "Cleopatra Jones" doesn't sound like a winning combination to me.
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    I am looking forward to this movie, I think it looks really funny but not quite as good as the other two. I hope it lives up to the expectation.

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    i will not see this movie in theaters. it does not spark my interests
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    I'll probably end up seeing it in the theater but live to regret it as I always seem to do.
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    Originally posted by DeadEye
    I think they'll go stupidly over-the-top with this one, since they really can't make it any funnier than the last one.
    If you mean funniy as in Haha, look how horrible this is, then you're probably right.

    I loved the original Austin Powers, but The Spy Who Shagged Mw was cinematic excrement, and Goldmember will probably be more of the same. I just hope to god Heather Graham doesn't have a cameo in the begining like Liz Hurely did, or else I'll just leave at the first sight of her to distance myself from her "acting" abilities.
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