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    MTV True Life of Star Wars Fan Dad

    Did anybody catch the show tonight on Dad's that embarrass their kids? One of them was a Star Wars fan who dressed up and took his unapproving son to Star Wars Celebration. I thought the show was touching and gave a more gentle insight into the minds of Star Wars fans.

    The other Fathers shown were a lot less cool though. The poor kid who ran for class president. His Dad was downright obnoxiuos and selfish.

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    I stopped watching MTV when they stopped playing videos in the 80's.

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    Yeah, my friend was just telling me about that episode. I think he said the other dads thought they were some kind of rapper and one shoot I can't remember. Anyway, I do remember the Star Wars dad, and that's what this thread is about anyway.
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    Yeah, I stopped watching MTV when I was 15, I realized that they never played music.
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    Originally posted by Jonna
    I stopped watching MTV when they stopped playing videos in the 80's.
    you were old enough to watch tv and remember it back then?
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    Most of us around here are old enough to remember MTV playing videos. After the Reagan era....they just.....gave up.

    I remember MTV's debut. I was excite because I didn't have to stay up until 3 AM to se music videos anymore.

    But, in the late 80's, and heck, I'll even give them an extension to the early 90's, they just quit caring about videos. In fact, they should re-name the channel if you ask me.
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    Originally posted by Nebulaz

    you were old enough to watch tv and remember it back then?

    What, like I am a rotting corpse or something? I remember watching MTV when it first went on the air waves on a tiny black and white tv in my room. Diamond Dave was the best! After that I would just play Atari 2600.

    Damn, I'm only 27!

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    Me & you are in the same boat, living fossils!!!!!

    I remember having an Atari 2600, TV's without remotes (Oh the horror!!!!) & watching MTV with Downtown Julie Brown & all the other crazy folks too (my fave was & is Kari Wuhrer from Remote Control, she is soooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!)

    But I digress.............

    Was this True Life the same one where they showed the nudist colony???? I wish I would have seen it. I would have liked to have seen about the SW dad!

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    I watched it a little bit. I cought the last part of it. This guy was kind of scary. He seemed liked your typical red neck, but was a star wars red neck. He said he'd like to take his lightsaber and go off and be a Jedi. I understand why his son was asamed of him. I mean he seemed to be a little delusional. They where going to go to CII and his son said he'd go with him to see what all the fuss was about. The son said, I'm not going to like, I hate it, but I'll go to see what it's about. The boy was about 18-22.

    We are all Star Wars fans hear, but this dude was one of the Scary kind of fans. The ones that have trouble telling the difference between movies and reality.
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    It's MTV, you were expecting quality?

    The guy was probably paid to act a certain way or say certain things, and the son most likely went because he was getting paid by MTV to have the experiance.
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