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Thread: Legend of Zelda

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    Legend of Zelda

    Hey does anyone have any info on the new Zelda game for the Game Cube? I think the game will be more cartoonish, but I'm not quite positive. I really enjoyed the past two games on the N64, especially the graphics. It seems that Nintendo would be taking a step backward by creating cartoonish graphics, but who am I to criticize.
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    have the graphics changed recently? the last screens i saw at the GC launch looked really cool. no "cartoon" stuff there.

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    This used ot be this

    But that's super old news. It's been pushed back to next year too.

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    I think the new Zelda game looks awesome. I don't understand all of the backlash. If anything, I am tired of the 3-D games myself. Does EVERYTHING have to be 3-D? Well, actually, this will be 3-D too, but with a different look. The game play is going to be similar to the N64 titles, and after all, isn't that what matters anyway?
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    Zelda has always been my favorite. As of right now I hate the way the game looks. This is really the first time where i am worried about how much i like the game. Zelda is the only reason why i continue to purchase nintendo systems, I hope that i can get passed the way it looks. I think it looks terrible, and the 3D version looked much better.
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    If you guys pick up the new issue of EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly: best video gaming magazine, period), you'll find a great preview on the new Zelda (and some great E3 coverage). The new Zelda is looking very cartoonish, yes. They're going with the ever popular cell-shading graphics, that gives a lot of games a very cartoonish look (examples: Cell Damage, Jet Set Radio). The cool thing about the new graphics is that it's going to make the game flow together nicely (no splits and crappy lines in the landscape and what not). Well, I don't wanna go on, so just pick up the mag and learn.
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    Zelda II - The Adventure of Link was very different from the first one.

    Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask were very different from the original and SNES versions. SO change isn't always bad.
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    "Flanders was a zombie?"

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    I dont know. Until i actually play it, i wont be happy with the way it looks.
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    Although I'm usually a sucker for the typical, flashier 3D graphics, I think it's a really nice step in a new direction. I'm looking forward to giving it a try when it's released
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