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    Oh man, this is tough, but I'm going to play it safe;
    In no particular order;

    Fight Club (OK, this is the best)
    T2: Ultimate Edition
    Army of Darkness: SE (2-disc set)
    7: SE
    Evil Dead: BOTD
    Jaws: SE
    Jurassic Park
    Godfather Collection
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    Thank Goodness WolfWood mentioned FightClub! I was scrolling through everyone's lists and NOBODY mentioned the best two discs on the market. There's no possible way I could narrow my extensive DVD collection down to ten essential discs.

    Some discs you've all mentioned that I agree with:

    Jar Jar Binks
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail SE ( I love the LEGO skit!)
    Chasing Amy (All of Kev Smith discs ROCK!, I especially love the "DVDs suck!" comment he made on the commentary track back when it was a Laserdisc commentary track )
    Star Trek Motion Picture DC. (Actually made watching the film bearable...)

    ID4. Plenty of interesting goodies on that one. And the film is cheesy fun, too.
    Jaws. Excellent documentary, even if it's only half of the original.

    Se7en. I waited YEARS to get this SE. Especially since the original "flipper" disc sucked. Hey WB! Where's our Robin Hood POT SE?
    Superman. What a fun and informative commentary track. And plenty of other goodies to boot. Too bad about the lawsuit.
    The Usual Supects SE. Another good one that took forever to come out.

    Godfather Trilogy. This one was worth the wait. FFC took the extra time to make a brilliant set.
    Gladiator. The second disc is almost better than the film. I LOVE that documentary.

    Moulin Rouge! What a cool movie. Plenty of sweet extras too. I still haven't plowed through all of them.

    Army of Darkness. I have the two disc Anchor's Bay limited edition set. Both versions of the film. Beautiful extras. Why do they need to keep making different versions when this one rocked so hard I flipped out and...

    Silence of the Lambs. I've got the Criterion version. Actually anything from Criterion is really well done. They do SE of films that noone else cares about. And they do them well.

    Matrix. Nice disc. Started the "Chase the white rabbit" craze of watching interesting little behind the scenes as the movie plays. Too bad about that gimmicky second disc promotion. I'm sure we'll get more of the same when Matrix II and III come out.
    X-Men. Another clever disc with plenty of hidden goodies. I especially like Spidey's cameo

    T2:SE Wow! What a Disc! Hours of DVD fun. Everything except a commentary (sigh).


    Other discs nobody mentioned yet.
    The 007 films. Good movies. Great discs.
    Fox' 5-star sets. Sound of Music, Die Hard, etc...
    CastAway. It's amazing what you can do with CGI when you DON'T want anyone to know you're using it. Again, this is another film where the second disc is almost more fascinating than the actual feature.
    Pixar's films. Bug's Life and the ToyStory Toybox collection. Wow. The same goes for Disney's double disc endeavors. Tarzan, Snow White, Atlantis, Dinosaur etc. Very thorough explorations of the films.
    Alien. I love the Easter Egg crew bios.
    Citizen Kane.
    Bridge on The River Kwai.
    Shakespeare in Love.

    I could go on and on and on...there are simply too many brilliant discs out there to choose from...but remember:

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    1. Monty Python and the Holy Grail: SE
    2. Monty Python and the Life of Brian: Criterion Collection
    3. The Princess Bride: SE
    4. Gladiator
    5. Dark City
    6. Star Wars Ep. 1
    7. Robotech (the entire series)
    8. Spinal Tap: Criterion Collection
    9. Saving Private Ryan
    10. Simpsons Season 1 (patiently waiting for #2)
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    3)Billy Madison
    4)Happy Gilmore
    5)Die Hard
    7)Ferris' day off
    8)Simpsons Season 1
    10)Young Frankenstein

    these are in no exact order and jj how can you think crouching tiger hidden dragon was good. that movie was horribe!!!
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    Crouching Tiger was indeed a horrible cinematic experience. But this is a thread about DVDs. Sometimes the extras on a DVD can make up for the movie being tripe.

    Sort of like Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison on your list. Of course, there are no extras on those discs AND the movies were horrible...
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    PHONE BOOK Written by Bendis. Art by Jim Lee. Total copies sold: 15 billion.

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    1. Star Wars EpI: The Phantom Menace
    2. Lawrence of Arabia- looks AMAZING!
    3. A Clockwork Orange- it was like seeing it for the first time!
    4. The Black Hole
    5. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon- love it in english!
    6. Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director's Edition
    7. For Your Eyes Only: Special Edition

    Crouching Tiger was awesome! On a side note- I hate DVD's that are not in 5.1 when they should be- Flash Gordon and my version of Silence of the Lambs. Image Entertainment SUCKS!!!
    8. The Matrix
    9. T2- Judgment Day- being able to choose extended vs. regular versions!
    10. Superman: the movie
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    1.)The Usual Suspects
    2.)The Matrix
    7.)Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    8.)Lost Souls
    9.)Red Planet
    10.)House on Haunted Hill
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    1.- Tombstone (Edition with deleted Scenes)
    2.- Terminator
    3.- EP 1
    4.- Brave Heart
    5.- Fight Club
    6.- Superman (all the 5 movies set)
    7.- X-Men
    8.- Top Gun
    9.- Brave Heart
    10.- MIB
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    1. Episode 1
    2. Memento Special Edition (Extras are amazing, and it has one of the coolest easter eggs ever! It plays the movie in chronological order, even though the original timeine is better.)
    3. Mallrats (The commentary with the cast is even funnier than the movie.)
    4. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    5. Rushmore Criterion Edition
    6. Krull Collector's Edition (who didn't love this movie as a kid?)
    7. Bufft the Vampire Slayer Season 2
    8. The Godfather Trilogy
    9. The Royal Tenenbaums
    10. Snow White Collector's Edition (A true example how a fan can be rewarded.)

    These are all out of order, cause tomorrow I will change my mind. And can I say the the 4 Disc LOTR DVDS will change everything, even before they come out?

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    My list, and in no particular order, is:

    1. Episode I
    2. T2: Ultimate Edition
    3. ID4
    4. The Matrix (2 disk set including Revisited)
    5. The Best of So Graham Norton
    6. Gladiator
    7. Jurassic Park trillogy
    8. Spaceballs
    9. Die Hard

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