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    New Waves packed to Tight? What's the Deal?

    I finally found the Chewbacca/Han and Djas/Palpy waves of figures. It seems like most all of them have warped cards or smashed bubbles. I'm not sure of the case breakdown, but are there more figures with deeper bubbles in these cases? I'm wondering if the figures are just packed to tightly into the cases. Has anyone else had this problem, or are the stock boys just stacking too much stuff on top of them? Doesn't really matter to me since I open them, but for MOMC collectors this will be a problem.


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    A bunch of that wave hit local stores here early in the week, and most of them were in fairly decent condition. There were some which obviously came from a crushed case, but not every one of them. Might've just been careless stockers.

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    When I found the Ha/Chewie wave, all of the bubbles were smashed, and the cards stressed. Again, no biggie for me, since I open them, but I guess it is possible the cases are packed too tightly.
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    Sometimes, scalpers do this too and sometimes the staff workers breakthe packages by mistake.
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    i saw how they package the unleashed and they pack them TIGHT! but as for figures, i don't know....but they probably do the same.
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    Originally posted by The True Maul
    Sometimes, scalpers do this too and sometimes the staff workers breakthe packages by mistake.
    But these are all "Warped" or "Curved", not really creased as if on purpose. I'd guess it's the from the way they had been in the case for a while. That's why I thought they might be crammed in the box to tightly.


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    I'd say they were too tight. I ordered the bespin wave with a friend a while back from EE and every card was warped and curved. It was like the box was a shade to small for the cards.

    When I found them later at a target store, even those cards were warped/curved on one side.

    The Han endor/chewie/obi cards I've found have all been heavily stressed. My wookie is warped, on the back of han where the bubble meets the card its warped and the there white stress marks and when you look down the side its all wavy, and obi's side (from the bubble to the closest side of the card) is curved like a hockey stick.

    So its not just your area I'm finding them here too.

    Oh yea the blisters/bubbles are some what dented, but some look like they have been rubbed on something too long and they have these little wear lines in them...

    But I hear ya...
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    Sorry didn't read the whole thing
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    My friend found Chewie for the first time the other day at TRU and said his card is flawless. I think it's all in how they stack the cases and then how tightly they are packed onto the pegs. I do think the Saga cards are the hardest figures Hasbro has made to find in mint condition though.

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    We have had many, many cases arrive with major damage.
    In my opinion -
    #1. The cardboard currently being used in the cases is too thin. Looking back to the POTJ cases, the cardboard used was a double thickness, now it is a single thickness. Hasbro's way of cutting costs. Less cardboard and less weight.
    #2. The card stock on each figure is not as strong as earlier figures. Again a cost saving method.
    #3. The figures are indeed larger. More weight to hold onto the card and when the plastic is sealed (glued, heated, etc) onto the card, it will cause creasing (see #2).
    #4. Shipping methods - stacking large number of cases onto a pallet (see #1). And it certainly does not help when you see a large boot print on the case (someone trying to walk on the cases).
    We have addressed our concerns with Hasbro, which is reportedly looking into the problems. In the meantime all that can be done is search for the best (of the worst).


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