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Thread: AOTC on VCD....

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    AOTC on VCD....

    I have finally recieved my copy of AOTC on vcd. Its the same quality as the video I offered. So those who traded for the video from me, don't sweat it. Its pretty much the same. Except its on 2 cdrs. If there is anyone interested in a copy on vcd, just let me know. I also still have the Spiderman video and AOTC video. PM me or drop me an email if interested in any. Thanks!

    Trades only of course.....

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    [color=dark-blue]How big are they? ~650~ megs apeice for each part?[/color]

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    I have no clue how vcds work to be honest. When I put them on my computer, each disc reads 2.16 MB disc space. But I know thats not true, because when you look at the cds, you can tell they are burned all the way through. Now I don't want to be quoted on this, but I'm looking at it on my computer with Windows Media player and it actually looks a little sharper than the video I have. I'm gonna look at it on a dvd player that plays vcds and report back tomorrow.

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    [color=dark-blue]Highlight all of the files, and right-click on it, and hit properties. That will tell you the true file size, Windows doesn't automaticly figure out the size of folders.[/color]

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    Okay, the first disc is 691MB. Disc 2 is 699MB.


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