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    new "vintage" figures

    Dear Hasbro

    We know, everybody hates useless resculps of Obi Wan, Qui Gon, Darth Maul..etc....but we know they gonna keep on coming.

    How about producing "vintage style" versions of some of the main characters of Ep1 and Ep2????

    with the straight up pose, 5 point articulation and basic sculpt....just like they would have been made if produced between 1978-1985.
    I'd buy them all.
    Of course, I'd like to see them all done "vintage style" but realistictly....these should be done and I believe would sell well.

    Obi wan
    Qui Gon
    Jar jar
    Darth Maul
    Battle Droid
    Jango Fett
    Mace windu
    Clone Trooper

    and a couple more

    They would come in a "vintage style" packaging, too.

    Trust me, any one of these would sell 10 times better than a useless resculpt that's been done 3 times before.

    What do you think??

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    I dont think it would be worth it for Hasbro to produce these. They would have to make the molds and then hope people would buy these.

    I am against this because it would take away from the figures produced in the current line.
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    I'm with evenflow. Although it might be fun and clever to see a vintage Darth Maul, the time and effort it takes to produce one would mean I wasn't getting an Imperial Dignitary or Cloud Car Pilot.

    I'd rather see new sculpts of the vintage figs not produced yet, than the other way around.
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    I'm all for the neutral poses, but not for only five points of articulation. The figures should be made for the sole purpose of fitting in the vehicles, even if they didn't use that vehicle in the film. EVERY figure should theoretically fit in EVERY vehicle. That's why these figures are only 3 3/4" tall.

    That's the only vintage styling that I really want.
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    I am so with you on that BigB. That's what I've been trying to get through in my so called 'rants'. Playability over gimmickicity. Actions features are useless compared to the power of articulation and posability. Hasbro said in an interview that they were making the figures in such a way that only the characters who used the vehicles in the movies will be made to fit in the respective vehicles. Well what's the point of that? The point of toys is to be able to play with them. And play consists of using ones imagination. This means that Vader doesn't only fit his own signature vehicle but also fits a 'stolen' rebel ship so he can infiltrate the rebel stronghold and capture Leia and take her off to the prison camp under the bed. That's how play works for kids, not which figure can be made with the least effective gimmick. None of these so called action features actually work the way they're advertised. Just ditch them and put in the articulation instead. Action figure was a term that was invented to mean a figure that can be posed in actions not a figure made in one action pose. Or a figure with just one action feature that doesn't work right.

    Articulate don't constipate. Beautiful sculpting of characters is going to waste with these gimmicks inside them. I mean why go to the trouble of making a Luke Bespin with so much articulation and then sticking a bloody great button in his back and an arm that only works one way? It's overkill. It's not the way to get kids interested. You get one kid taking the toys to school and the other kids have a go and see the features don't work and they allsay it's a pile of pants and none of the other kids buy it. Hasbro loses out. Leave out the action features and put in the articulation and those same kids will go nuts for it and play for hours and hours not just a few short bored minutes.

    I don't know what rationale Hasbro used to decide on these features but whoever it was that made the decisions should rethink their career path cuz they are so wrong on this. I don't have all the answers but I sure as hell understand what makes kids tick. I've worked with kids for years and that's on a face to face level not far removed in some ivory tower like the guys at Hasbro who purport to know what kids want. POODOO to that Hasbro! You don't know diddly. You still think kids want Mr. Potato head for crying out loud!!!!!!!
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    Originally posted by Eternal Padawan
    I'm with evenflow. Although it might be fun and clever to see a vintage Darth Maul, the time and effort it takes to produce one would mean I wasn't getting an Imperial Dignitary or Cloud Car Pilot.

    I'd rather see new sculpts of the vintage figs not produced yet, than the other way around.
    How would they make the double-blade come out of his arm?

    This sounds like a cool idea, but I'm with everyone else. Ditch all gimmicks, and go for good play value! Articulation, sculpt, and character are all very important. No more Qui-Gons, No more Darth Mauls (okay, one more. okay, one after that. ohhh, poo!)

    They're getting better. Soon we will have the ultimate SW line.


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