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    Talking christimas list for Uncul habsro

    Dear Uncul Habsro,

    This yeer for chrisimas I wudd like some stanndig up strayt clontroopers. With big guns.

    A siff ingfiltrater with Darf Mawl an anover probe droid

    a Jobba the hut with a big pipey bowly thingie and his big seat wot he sits on.

    an i want a fat dancer wot dances in jobbas big palace

    an that big herbie oodle wot is a big mouth and a bifg sack throwed over the top and he has got big feets. he shudd come with lots and tons of gunns.

    I want a deaf star playset wot is big and mega. with lots of bits and rooms and guns and a hangar and a controol room.

    and i wont a tnautnaut with a hand solo and a belly wot lets the gooy stuff come out and smelly. and a tent wot han sleeps in.

    and a hem dazon and a bomb vimdim and a fletipern trevag

    and a new millenilum falcon wot is a half and a playset and the cokpit is big but not too big and the insides is the proper insides and the ramp is proper good and the legs is perminentaly attached and don't go up and down so the insides can be bigger.

    and a dianoga wot is all squishy and bendy and big and red and comes with luke in a stomtrooper outfit and a han in a stromrtooper outfit

    and that is all i want for christimas thank you.

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    Wow. That tops the list of funniest things ive ever read, yet it makes some good points. Mind if I add one of those to my signature thingy?
    "Ohnomyfriendthisisamistakeaterriblemistaketheyhav egonetoofarthisismadness!" -Count Dooku, AOTC

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    Thnak yoo mr. Jargo mann.
    "Ohnomyfriendthisisamistakeaterriblemistaketheyhav egonetoofarthisismadness!" -Count Dooku, AOTC

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    Annd I wnat a Geoonoisan Orray beest wit a geonssioan worrier and the exercushun cart wot Pmde and anananakin get into the arena in.

    And a poogle the lasser and his servent Genoissian and the batel board room with the big battel board and the hhologramms

    That is wot I wnat

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    Ys. i wnat thowse to. An i wante a Watt Tabmor wifout gimiks and big guns for kiling the peoples and make themm ded. He wuld be a Tekno Yoonion mebmer, not a killing mann. And button where happyhappy Watt voice come out and fun. Butt small button, no bigg on Wats back. An a ded gionsoian mann wif Nexew bite marx.
    "Ohnomyfriendthisisamistakeaterriblemistaketheyhav egonetoofarthisismadness!" -Count Dooku, AOTC

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    Haha...I think I overdid it.
    "Ohnomyfriendthisisamistakeaterriblemistaketheyhav egonetoofarthisismadness!" -Count Dooku, AOTC

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    Yes. I was going for illiterate nine year old and you appear to have hit the five year old mark. No matter, still funny


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