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    Trainspotting - starring Ewan McGreggor

    As I continue on the downward spiral into the drug culture movies, who could forget Trainspotting?

    Ewan plays "Mark," a character always trying to escape heroin addiction, while running with a band of junkies in Scotland who will cheat, steal, assault and rob, basically do anything for the cash for their next hit. And Mark does do anything including an underage teen girl (she's pretty hot) and he betrays and rips off his best friends. But his pals have already turned on him, or were never really his pals anyway.

    There's some really amusing drug trips in the movie such as when Mark goes swimming in the nastiest toilet in all of Scotland, and when his parents try and force him to quit cold turkey and he sees a dead baby crawling across his ceiling.

    There's some sad commentary about the HIV epidemic sweeping through the junkies' numbers - and Mark's friend gets it as he turns to drugs as he's all depressed over the loss of his girlfriend. To top it off, she left him over a panic about a missing sex video the couple had filmed, but Mark had swiped, switching tapes for a soccer video. AIDS eventually kills him.

    Meanwhile, Mark becomes successful being a housing agent, but he cannot escape his loser friends and eventually has to make a choice - he or them.

    The movie's halfway comedic, and halfway a drama. But it's definitely worth seeing.

    The language is strong and the Scottish accents thick - so you'll have to listen up if you want to understand anything they're saying until you get used to it. Chances are though - you're used to Ewan's voice by now
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    My last girlfriend was a huge Ewan fan. She dragged me to the theatre to see this as she knew I might enjoy seeing Obi Wan McGregor playing a different role. You are correct, The Scottish is a bit thick, and I had trouble understanding much of the movie.
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    This is one of the few movies that I can start to watch thinking I just want to watch the beggining, for a quick fix and then end up watching half of the movie without realizing it. One of my favs of all time.
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    I missed this thread when I started my own. Funny, the Search engine didn't turn it up that I recalled...

    Anyway, I mentioned before that "the nastiest toilet in all of Scotland" surely made an impression. Dang this movie was wild in some parts.

    There was one scene where you got to see bush - and I'm not talking about the president

    I'm fascinated by ephebiphilia I guess. (My new word for the week - or longer)
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