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Thread: Reign of Fire

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    Originally posted by stillakid
    I look forward to seeing it. On the surface, it seems to be what ALIEN 3 should have been...wild unstoppable creatures laying waste to Earth. Can't wait!
    Well, unfortunately that's not really what happens, at least not onscreen.

    I'll be honest I've been waiting for Reign of Fire to be released for over a year and a half now, ever since they were first casting. And once McConaughey was cast and Rob Bowman was set as director I got totally pumped. And I really do love this movie, but I had hoped for some more I guess...

    Mostly, I wanted to SEE the dragons laying waste, which you DON'T get to see. I wanted to see something like the scenes in the posters. Instead it all happens off screen. Now there's two explainations for not getting to see that onscreen:
    1. The filmmakers have already said there was a lot of concern after 9/11, so it's possible they cut out some bits (the main filming was finished before Spet 11th but the CGI shots were just finished recent;y so they may have originally planned some "destruction shots, and just never created them")

    2. Despite being a scifi film, they didn't really have the HUGE budget that scenes like that might have required.

    This is too bad because I really left the theater hoping for a bit more, even though I still LOVED what they did with the movie. Oh well, if it does well (and I pray to GOD it does) maybe we'll see more in the sequel.
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    Small update, DVDFile made a small mistake in their release date. Originally they said the 13th, which is a wednesday. They have reviesed to now saying November 19th. Still, November is going to be a very expensive DVD month for us addicts.

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    Too many DVDs to buy, but I was wondering something, it says in the trailer that the dragons are smarter than humans, how so?
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    In the words of the friend I saw this with, "that was all kinds of rad!"

    Awesome character development. It so easily could have slipped into "Hollywood-mode" but it stuck to it's guns and delivered an ironclad story. Very well written.

    And a really interesting "theory" on evolution and the dinosaurs, though sadly, the literalist crowd won't be able to enjoy it fully.

    10 out of 10 stars on this.

    Yes, it would have been awesome to see some air to air Apache combat with the dragons, but the story that was being told didn't need it. Hopefully they'll include that stuff on the DVD for that superficial visceral thrill. Can't wait.

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    Originally posted by stillakid
    In the words of the friend I saw this with, "that was all kinds of rad!"
    Wow, you're friend still says "rad?'
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    Originally posted by pthfnder89

    Wow, you're friend still says "rad?'
    The guy with the Coleman is asking that?

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    not impressed....

    I have also been waiting for some time to see this film. It opened in the UK here at the weekend and I have just got back from the cinema.

    I was enjoying it up until the 'Cavalry' that point, the film became the usual formulaic pap that Hollywood excels at churning out.

    just kidding

    Serously, I thought the film was just okay and was a waste of a good idea. As has been mentioned by a few posters above, there were not enough laying waste scenes, and I must confess I was far more interested in the backstory than the main film.

    It was nice to see the Borg Queen at the beginning, too bad she leaves the film early. It was a nce surprise for us UKers to see a UK location used so prosaically and so effectively at the beginning of the film. Shame that a decision to "American" it up was used...and what is it with you Americans and castles ?

    Now, please don't take this the wrong way, the people I chat with on these forums are valued acquaintances and friends and I would not want you to think I am directing this at you when I refer to "America", but.... Why the Hell does the World always have to rely on the 'Cavalry' to get us through everything? Fine, it's the filmmakers prerogative to do what they want, afterall they're injecting the money, but this has become so hackneyed and boring for external audiences. As has been mentioned earlier the lack of "laying waste " scenes was probably firmly influenced by the attacks last Sept, but if America's media is so much at pains to smoothe things out in an attempt to deal with the atrocity, why are you cast, once again, as the planet's saviours? Matthew McC, whom I normally like (tho' never as much as I did in Boys on the Side) was hard to accept as the card-carryin', cigar-yompin, beard-beardin' baldy boss but he was very nice to look at

    The dragons were unimpressive - our dragons are either green or red, these ones looked like flying Godzillas. Speaking of the dragons, I was expecting some kind of uber-dragons like the fantastic ones in the awful Dungeons and Dragons flick. These were too drab and I know it was in-keeping with the post-apocalyptic scenario, but it added to the dankness of an uneccesarily dank film. It was very Alien 3, but in a thankless way that became cold and depressing.

    Anyway, time for a bit of trivia. Christian Bale and I were at school and Sunday School together. One thing that had me shocked was how much beefier he looked than when I knew him. Sure, anyone can buff up, but when it's someone you know and the last time you saw them, they were so skinny, it feels a little strange.

    Anyway. I think this film was like buying a minted lamb chump at San Lorenzo's and then asking them to wrap it up for you so you can make stock with it.....



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