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Thread: Reign of Fire

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    Reign of Fire

    This movie is awesome. It's has a similar feel of the original Jurassic Park but it's more of the people's standpoint.
    There's a scene where 2 guys are acting out The Empire Strikes Back for a group of kids which I thought was funny.

    I really recomend this movie. 8 out of 10 stars.

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    I've heard it's one of the only dragon movies that's done well. I'll see it, along with 8 legged freaks, just for the hell of it.

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    It was enjoyable, even though I thought it was a bit under-developed. I think they should've actually explained more of the history of the dragons, and given a better account of those "20 years'' or so between the intro and the rest of the film. I thought the characters were played well, but written a little shallow. Matthew M. was awesome though. He really buffed up for this role. The dragons were cool looking too. Christian Bale was good too, and at least he didn't have to do his hideous American accent this time.
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    Well I am glad to hear that people are enjoying it because I was looking forward to going to see it then heard it was no good, so I came here to see what you all had to say.
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    I look forward to seeing it. On the surface, it seems to be what ALIEN 3 should have been...wild unstoppable creatures laying waste to Earth. Can't wait!

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    it didn't look that good in my opinion
    i don't know maybe i missed something
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    it is a great movie i love it and am going to see it again
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    Originally posted by morecow299
    it didn't look that good in my opinion
    i don't know maybe i missed something
    I wasn't that interested in it either at first but I went with my brother to see it and I turned out liking it

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    Even though it just opened in theaters, Buena Vista Entertainment has already announced the DVD release. According to, it's coming to DVD on 11/13. No specs have been announced yet. Here's the info.

    Street date alert - 12:09am

    Why waste time? Even though it just debuted in theaters this past weekend, Buena Vista has already announced a 11/13 DVD release for Reign of Fire, the CGI "Dragon's Attack!" flick. No specs yet, but start saving those pennies...

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    Hot damn! I've got a lot of DVDs to get in November--
    -Lord of the Rings
    -Attack of the Clones
    -Reign of Fire

    And whatever else comes out then!


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