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    Teemto Pagalies MiniReview

    This was a pleasant suprise. A Wal-Mart asile FULL of Star Wars figures, all of which I had. And low and behold, the new Teemto Pagalies figure. Only one.

    - Likeness: Finally another Pod Racer figure. This makes...5! I think. Being that this was a completly CG character, the figure looks pretty good. 5/5.

    - Sculpt: Nothing about this figure sticks out too much. The detail really shows on his face, arms and feet. His arms are sculpted hanging down at his side. Unfortunatly, his hands are not sculpted to be able to hold anything. 3/5.

    - Articulation: Teemto has 7 points of articulation, which is great for a small figure. He has all the points of a larger size figure, including his tail. 5/5.

    - Accessories: Accessories take up about 75% of the packaging. He comes with a maintenence spider droid (those floating, dome shaped droids with spider legs that pick up pod racer parts) and when you push the button on the top of his head, the legs move in and out. He also comes with a pod racer engine piece. It doesn't do anything but is well detailed and looks great for scenes. And last but not least, goggles for pod racing. 5/5.

    - Playability: Thank the maker this figure doesn't have action features. Teemto himself is one of the smaller sized action figures, he stands well and the goggles he comes with fit very well onto his face. The engine piece is great for building scenes. The maintence spider droid is quite nifty, it doesn't stand on its legs too well (as they are pretty thin). 5/5.

    - Value: I picked up Mr. Pagalies at Wal-Mart for $4.77 which is a good price for a new Star Wars figure. A new character, cool accessories, good buy! 5/5.

    - OVERALL: I really love Star Wars aliens. Especially when they become action figures. Hasbro made another good figure with very cool accessories, which we are all thankful. (p.s. Hasbro, we love accessories!) 4/5.
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    Man, I really want this guy!
    I knew when I first saw pictures of the salvage droid he comes with that I wanted him.

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    Got one this morning from a friend! This might be the earliest I've ever gotten a new figure.

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    Teemto Pagalies looks incredible. I can't wait to get him. The damaged droid accessory is also great.

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    I've yet to come across this guy
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    my mom saw one this morning at Wal-Mart, and didn't pick it up, and forgot to tell me till like 7.
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    For a loose and carded collector like me (sick, I know) some figures look better out of package and some look better in package.

    Since the Sagas' line debut, I have bought more and more single carded figures to keep carded ( and thus maintaing the completist desire within me) than opening for my loose collection.

    This new pod racer is such a figure. I am very happy to have him, though I feel most of the Pod Racers look like Jim Henson rejects; the massive accessories make this piece one of the most impressive carded figures I've seen yet from the Saga line.

    I really dig this one, though I'll never buy a 2nd to open.

    I am happy to hear about the decent articulation, though.

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    Teemto is a surprisingly decent figure. The pack-ins are a good value-added touch. We likey!
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    That Spider Droid rules. Its hands-down the best thing about this toy.
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