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    The Corydon Wal-Mart had one repackaged TIE bomber. First time I'd seen that anywhere.

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    The E'town Walmart got in about a dozen of these. Four were beneath the figures, and another eight up top.

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    Sorry, guys, but the sunnyside has been pretty dry the last few weeks. Destroyer Droids are plentiful, though.

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    I spoke too soon, guys! The Clarksville Wal-Mart had one Saga TIE bomber, and the C'ville TRU had the 12" Boushh figure.

    I was a little more than disappointed with the Boushh figure. It's definitely not worth $40. There are other 12" figures I'd buy first before this one.

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    If anyone cares, the E'Town Target has a ton of accesory packs/figures - all four are there. I picked up an extra of each.

    The Radcliff WM keeps getting in the same old case assortment with the clone pilot/Dooku, etc. Still no sign of Ephont Mon. I have never seen him at retail. The only one I ever saw was at the SW Celebration in Indianapolis.

    Also, if anyone sees any Trash Compactor sets, let me know. Still need those too.

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    Great weekend!

    Darth Chuck, I have a friend find trash compactor sets at a Wal-Mart outside of South Bend (!) for me last week. My friend stopped at 12 WMs on his way up to South Bend, and the Plymouth store was the only place in central and northern Indiana he found them in.

    I found most of latest wave of figures at the New Albany Wal-Mart on Saturday -- library droids, Padme, Tusken Raider. Also found Imp officer and Rebel trooper variations: Red-haired Rebels and blond Imp. The Imp is so blond he looks almost unpainted.

    No discounted TIE bombers that I could find, either.

    Great weekend overall.

    Now, if only Target would get the new accessory sets in!

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    OC you may want to try the new target Behind Bashford Manor Mall. They had plenty of accessory sets on Sunday!
    May the force be with You!!!!!

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    With the Yavin techie accessory sets??

    I've had good luck at the Bash Target. I fought two Ephant Mons and the deluxe clone trooper/speeder bike there.

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    I managed to score a new Imperial Officer small head, brown hair. The card was kinda beat up and the bubble had a hole in it. I guess that's why he was still there. Oh well, I needed a few of these to open anyway.

    BTW, this was at the Wal-Mart on Outer Loop across from Toys R Us.
    May the force be with you.

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    The third wave of the Micro Machine ships are showing up at stores. This wave contains the AOTC Slave 1, star destroyer-style ship and Republic gunship.

    I picked up several Lego sets on clearance at area Wal-Marts and K-marts over the weekend. They were the Ep. 1 sets and a ROJ set. They're fun to play with!


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