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    The Jeffersonville Meijer had one Republic gunship on Saturday, and the New Albany Kmart had the electronic Jango Fett and Obi Wan. Jango looked too cool!

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    I was at the Toys R Us in St Matthews today and they had 4 Republic Gun Ships(they were up front), along with the New 12" wave minus Dooku, The new Luke and Taun Taun, and Ulitimate Jango. Did not see any new 3 3/4" Figures though!
    May the force be with You!!!!!

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    New figures were put out on Friday, Oct. 11, at the St. Matts store. I found all of them except Ephant Man, tusken with massif, and clone trooper pilot.

    Didn't see the gunship. They had a stack 12" Luke and taun tauns.

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    I found Lott Dod, Tusken Raider, and Watto Wave at the Outer Loop K-Mart. They also had all three of the new Action Fleet Vehicles. On Friday the TRU on Dixie had the New Republic Gunship.

    May the force be with You!!!!!

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    The Jeffersonville Meijer had the Republic gunship and the arena playset on Saturday. The playset looked better than some of the posts I'd read.

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    Hey, I live in western KY but I'll be in Louisville for a conference this Thursday & Saturday. Where are the best places to look for Star Wars figures? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Manji, seems the St Matthews Toys R Us is a good place. It is on US60 just west of I264.
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    St. Matthews Target

    The St. Matthews Target is a good place to hit, too. It's a regular shop on my route. It's about two miles up from the St. Matts TRU. I can't think of the street's name, but it's at a traffic light. A Papa John's is on one side and Beargrass Creek Church on the opposite side.

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    I found DM sith training and Anakin tatooine attack at the KB in E-Town yesterday. Those were the first new figs I have seen in over a month.

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    I'm only vaguely familiar with Louisville, so I'm not sure where you guys are talking about. I'll be coming in through E-town, so just go west on I264 & then get off on US60? Thanks for all the info!


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