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    Re: Louisville KY / Southern IN

    Where are all the KY collectors out there, RS is pretty much dead, head over to
    Sithkiller! Where are you?????????
    You are missing great meetings, the Summer Social was a blast!
    Next one is at my house on August 7th.

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    Re: Louisville KY / Southern IN

    Have any of you guys found the Vintage Collection yet? These things are pretty sweet - I didn't know that they would come in a star case!

    I found them in Georgia. I am actually at Fort Stewart, GA now - but the wife and kids are still in KY, so I plan to shop both places when I can. I intend to head that way on the 13th for a couple of days - If any of you are having any luck, let me know where.


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    Re: Louisville KY / Southern IN

    Some stores are getting the OTC and VOTC quicker and more frequently than others.

    The Targets are reorganizing for the holidays, so that's one place. I haven't seen any at the S.I. Wal-Marts but the stuff is showing up at the Kentucky stores.

    If you don't mind paying a little more, try Suncoast Video. I picked up the VOTC Han for $13 Friday night.

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    Re: Louisville KY / Southern IN

    Darth Chuck, they have the VOTC carded at WalMart here in Radcliff.They just got then in yesterday morning, I came off SDNCO and made a stop to see they put out a couple of cases and some more HOF figures.
    I found Han, Leia and Ben.
    I picked up the Ben(One of my favs).
    They where $9.98 a pop.
    What are you doing down in Stewart?
    PCS? School?
    How is life in old Hinesville?
    I was in 2-7, 3-69 and HQ 1st BDE from 94 to 97.

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    Re: Louisville KY / Southern IN


    I have made the big PCS move to 6-8 CAV (new unit, new brigade) - but I left my wife & kids in Radcliff. I am heading there this weekend to visit them and am hoping that some VOTC figs are still around. Collecting sucks in Hinesville. We only have the Walmart and there are apparently a lot of collectors down here because if you are lucky enough to see new figs on the pegs - you only see them once. I don't know which sucks worse - being away from the family, or the fact that in May 2005, I will be in Iraq when you guys are seeing Ep III. (ok, I guess it's the family one)

    Anway, I don't know if it's the same for the rest of you, but I am having a really difficult time right now trying to figure out which figures are really new and which ones are repackaged. Plus, there are so many exclusives coming out in the coming months, it's hard to keep track. Up until now, I have managed to get at least one of every single 3 3/4 inch figure released (not counting ridiculous "variants") but I'm afraid I'm about to miss one. How are you guys keeping track?


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    Re: Louisville KY / Southern IN

    As of right now WM here only has 2 VOTC Hans left on the shelf.
    We had a KSWCC meeting at my house this weekend and we usually sell and trade with each other to make up for missing figures. We really help each other out alot. As far a collecting, I only collect the figures I really like, whether its a favorite figure or the packaging. I am not going to collect every OTC figure since most are resculpts, I will save the cash.
    I really dig the VOTC. They should have gone all out and got the back done up to.
    Make sure you hit every little po'dunk WM and KMart on the way up, you never know what you'll find.

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    Re: Louisville KY / Southern IN

    Darth Chuck, WM here in Radcliff got restocked with VOTC Wave 1, Ben, Han and Leia. They also got in a few cases of OTC wave to include Greedo, and Hand StandLuke!
    You might make a run if you are down here this weekend.

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    Re: Louisville KY / Southern IN

    I hit the Radcliff WM yesterday and found everything except the handstand Luke. Did manage to snag a Dirty R2 & Yoda, Ghost Ben, Jedi Luke, and an old Holo Luke, as well as some extra VOTC Ben, Han & Leia. Also got the latest two Jedi Council 3-packs from amazon. All in all, a pretty good day. Definitely much better finds here than in Hinesville.

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    Re: Louisville KY / Southern IN

    The Clarksville TRU has the Qui-Gon Jedi council scene in stock.


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