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    I forgot: Ephant Man was spotted in my area. At the Clarksville Wal Mart!!

    I normally hit on Saturday mornings, but since I didn't have any cash I didn't stop!!!

    No luck at other area WMs or retailers.

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    Found the AT-AT and Snowspeeder Action Fleet at the Preston Super Wal-Mart Last Night, also had plenty of Clone Pilots.
    May the force be with You!!!!!

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    Today I found the Three new electronic lightsabers at TRU on Outer Loop, Mace Windu, Orange Jedi, and Green Jedi. Funny how these were not around on Friday when they were $12.99. Hope this helps.
    May the force be with You!!!!!

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    I thought the sale was for Friday, Saturday and Sunday?
    May the force be with you.

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    The Clarksville TRU got hit hard on Black Friday. I visited Saturday morning and found several empty pegs, pegs that were full Wednesday night.

    I did manage to pick up three badly-needed figures for $3.

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    No Sith Killer, the sale for the lightsabers was what they called a "Doorbuster sale" for Friday from 6am to noon.

    That just sucks in my opinon and like OC47150 said the pegs were empty
    May the force be with You!!!!!

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    WOW, the pegs are still empty?

    I was hoping that they would re-stock right after the sale. I guess, I'm glad I decided not to stop by today.

    On a side note, I just got back from Ohio and scored most of the figs I needed between here and Canton. I found Ehpant Mon in Cincinatti.

    I will be hunting for those last few figs this week, hopefully everyone will re-stock by Friday, Thursday seems to be a big day for new stuff.

    My needs list is down to Tusken Raider and Jango Pilot. I found Jango on Friday, but refused to wait in line for an hour or more just for 1 figure. I have also seen a few Tusken Raiders, but all of them were in poor condition, bad bubbles seem to plague this figure.

    Oh yeah, and a few more Clone Pilots would be nice.

    Happy Hunting.
    May the force be with you.

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    FYI -- the Clarksville TRU had the latest wave of 12" figures on Saturday -- Dengar, Zuckus and the Imperial officer. Hadn't seen that reported yet.

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    Picked up the holiday figs at the Walmart in E'town yesterday. Also found the BD, DS trooper, and Hoth accessory sets at the E'town Target.

    Other than that, it's been pretty bland around here lately. I had to go to SC over Thanksgiving to find Jango Pilot, Dooku, deluxe Yoda and deluxe C3PO.

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    The holiday set hasn't hit the New Albany or Clarksville Wal Marts as of the holiday; I kept checking.

    I have family who left for Gatlinburg this morning. I asked them to be on the lookout for the holiday set.


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