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    Im selling a few HTF EP1 items in the SELLING forums.
    I will wave shipping if you use PAYPAL and I will deliver locally around Ft. Knox E-town area.
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    The New Albany WM had Eeth Koth and Teebo but no other new figures. Those were the first new figures I'd seen at WM for quite some time.

    Sith Killer, is there a big difference between the Saga Rebel trooper and POTJ Rebel trooper, other than the face?

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    Hey anyone out there interested in a get together? Me and some guys from are getting together on Friday at TGIF's to talk about collecting and bring some of our collection pieces to show.
    Its only about 3 or 4 guys right now.
    Modern, Vintage whatever your choice.
    Nothing geeky with lame t-shirts and crap like that(I hope)
    Im 32 and a normal mid-life collector LOL's.
    Here is the link if you are interested.
    Maybe we can carpool from the Radcliff area.;t=001216;p=21

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    Good weekend for SW collecting

    I found the new Acklay attack Obi Wan and Yoda at the New Albany Target, two Destroyer Droids at the Clarksville Target and two sneak preview clone troopers at the Clarksville TRU. Pretty good weekend.

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    Dang Gina! I know the SW shipments are slow but Nobody seems to be posting here very often.
    Radcliff Walmart has the EP2 Jedi fighters on clearance for $7.00! Not bad if you want an opener. The boxes were a little scuffed and I bought the best one they had. They are on the clearance wall off shame near the outdoor stuff.
    They also had what seemed to be a new shipment of toys outside so keep an eye out tomorrow. The last shipment they got in flew off the shelves apparantly because they were all crumpled but sold out anyway.
    Not to much else to report, swing on over to and look in the "Look what I found" forums and look in the Louisville thread. Pretty lively over there, just a thought.
    Bill O'Rielly, Glen Beck, Shawn Hannity then its ME!!!
    Yes I watch FOX news!

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    I'll check it out, Nathan.

    Someone on reported the Target SW accessory sets are on sale this week for $8. Has anyone come across that? If that's true, I want to pick a couple more up.

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    I spotted a Clone with Speeder at E'Town Wal-Mart last night.

    Not much else going on right now.
    May the force be with you.

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    Hey, if any of you guys lives on Cypress in Radcliff, your Star Wars Insider was delivered to me by mistake. I will get it back in the mail and you should have it in a couple days.

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    The New Albany WM had one Rebel trooper and several Eeth Koths and Teebos Saturday night.

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    TRU on Outer Loop had the new 12" today and they also had their deluxe figures marked down to $6.89. I did not see any new 33/4" figs though!
    May the force be with You!!!!!


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