Here's a good one for all vintage collectors out there.

What is your collecting style?

In other words, loose, carded, C-9, anything goes?

Personally I collect loose C-9 vintage. The only exception is the bounty hunters, which I have started to collect on cards.

My only Carded figure so far is a C-8 (price sticker, punched) ROTJ Zuckuss. Though I did get a C-9 Boba Fett loose with the original card. The glue got old and the bubble came away from the card, which was left in EXCELLENT condition.

I am VERY picky about my loose collection. Consequently, I only have about a dozen or so. I have only been collecting vintage for a short time. I pay special attention to paint wear, tight limbs, and discoloration.

It looks like the Bespin Guards will be the most difficult to find (in MINT condition). These guys seem to suffer from paint wear pretty bad.

The prize of my vintage collection is my Han Solo Carbonite. It is in MINT and I do mean MINT condition, to include the coin itself. I bought it from another collector here on SSG for less than half book value, along with a Darth Vader that had been MOMC until a week before I bought it.

So what are your standards? Do you go for foreign card vartiations? Are you into the 12 backs? First card releases only? Or do you need them all?