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    Collecting "Style"

    Here's a good one for all vintage collectors out there.

    What is your collecting style?

    In other words, loose, carded, C-9, anything goes?

    Personally I collect loose C-9 vintage. The only exception is the bounty hunters, which I have started to collect on cards.

    My only Carded figure so far is a C-8 (price sticker, punched) ROTJ Zuckuss. Though I did get a C-9 Boba Fett loose with the original card. The glue got old and the bubble came away from the card, which was left in EXCELLENT condition.

    I am VERY picky about my loose collection. Consequently, I only have about a dozen or so. I have only been collecting vintage for a short time. I pay special attention to paint wear, tight limbs, and discoloration.

    It looks like the Bespin Guards will be the most difficult to find (in MINT condition). These guys seem to suffer from paint wear pretty bad.

    The prize of my vintage collection is my Han Solo Carbonite. It is in MINT and I do mean MINT condition, to include the coin itself. I bought it from another collector here on SSG for less than half book value, along with a Darth Vader that had been MOMC until a week before I bought it.

    So what are your standards? Do you go for foreign card vartiations? Are you into the 12 backs? First card releases only? Or do you need them all?
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    My standards are loose, complete figures, not including cards or coins. My current standards, since I believe my collection's complete, are to improve the conditions of some of my loose ones. For example, my 2nd Bespin Guard is an original (meaning I bought it in the 1980s) and has some scuff marks. I'm also looking for accessories and guns to add to my duplicate, lesser-condition figures. I do have a few carded POTF figures, only because I can't bring myself to open them now.
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    Right now I'm just trying to create a complete loose collection. Thus anything above C-8 condition is fine, missing accessories aren't a big issue as many of my figures have repros, for now. If I find a figure is unusually expensive (ie Amanaman, Yakface, etc) then I will settle for a lower priced less than C-9 figure. Once I fill in all the gaps to my collection then I will concern myself with original accessories and replacements for my lower than C-8 figures.

    As for vehicles and playsets, it really depends on the item. With the A-Wing, I was really unhappy with the POTF2 version since the electronics were removed, so I sprung the dough for a loose vintage one. However, since the POTF2 Tatooine Skiff has all of the features of the vintage version with an improved paint job, then I can't really see paying $300 for a vintage one when a $30 new one will do. Then again, the A-Wing was a major childhood goal of mine while the Skiff was not. I'm hoping Hasbro releases a new Imperial Shuttle so I don't have to spend $360 on a vintage one.

    Also, certain playsets and vehicles have many parts that can get lost or forgotten by the original owners, so I tend to like to find a low C-grade boxed version of some items, so I can open it up and be sure everything is there. For instance: Jabba's Throne Room, Ewok Village and Ewok Battle Wagon.
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    Loose collection, but i keep all the cards and the boxes, even the white boxes from the promo figures!!
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    I was 12 when I got started (the infamous Christmas of 1977) with the Early Bird set. I was lucky, my mom recognized Star Wars as a phenomenon even back then and encouraged my brothers and I to take care of our figures. We still played with them but I was careful not to wear out the limbs or get them skuffed up. As a result, most of my collection is in great shape, with the exception of the Death Star Droid (so difficult to keep those eyes intact). I've upgraded a few over the years but for the most part the collection (all loose, the only way to go) consists of the original figures, vehicles, and playsets I bought as they came out. I missed out on the A-Wing when it was out because I refused to buy anything under the Droids imprint (ironic since I opened everything). I also missed the Skiff, though Mrs. JediCole bought me an A-Wing before they hit the $100.00 mark. I refused to pay top dollar for a Skiff and was happy to buy the POTF2 one. Needless to say, my vintage collection is loose and I do not display them with their weapons, so I still have all originals. I need to replace a cape or two (I hated the vinyl capes) but otherwise the collection is in impecable shape. And it shares a comitted room in my house with my POTF2-POTJ (ever growing) collection (also loose).
    When POTF2 came out, I hated Luke and Han and started collecting them on the card only, unless it was a brand new character. Over time I started a second loose collection which continues to this day. Economically, I had to stop the carded duplicate collection around the time of the second waves of EI.
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    My "style" is that I kept all of my original purchases between 1978-1986 in near mint condition- even though I was a kid, I was crazed. That's the Virgo in me! They are currently in storage, indiviually bubble wrapped with their original accessory in a little baggie and individually placed in a plastic compartmentalised utility tray. I have no need to hunt for the vintage figures at this point.

    so... does that get considered a "style"?
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    I personally like loose, complete, mint figures. FOr some reason though I prefer the Droids and Ewoks carded. My set is complete, mint, and carded.
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