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Thread: Eu Saga Figs

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    Eu Saga Figs

    i have two of the eu saga figures that i recently bought off ebay not knowing they were'nt carded in the US. I have one C8 kit fisto and one perfect Jango Fett Kamino escape EU carded figures. if you do collect these figures let me know because i dont want much for them. fell free to email me at: , PM me, or IM me on my AIM handle: yankston86

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    UPDATE (on my knowlege)

    i just learned that the abbreviation EU stands for expanded universe and i previously thought that it was short for European. I know that currently there are no Expanded Universe Saga figures and i hope there nevere will be. What actually is up for trade are 2 Tri-Loga Saga Figures:
    Jango Fett (Kamino Escape)
    Kit Fisto (Jedi Knight)

    If you have an offer please contact me at: i dont expect alot for these since they are foreign so if you have any offer at all please tell me!!!


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