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Thread: A Hutt Jedi?

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    Maybe if he was a young hutt and wasn't grosly overweight, It would make sense if he was a jedi, I haven't seen a fat one, they have discipline
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    See we only relate the Hutts looking like Jabba. Hutts come in all shapes and sizes. Jabba is obease and not a good representation of the Hutts. A 500 pound man wouldn't be much of a Jedi either, now would he? I see a thin Hutt, basically a giant worm/snake with a ligh saber. I wouldn't want to face him, thats for sure.
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    if you pick up the esscntol giude you can see what one will like in the covering the star wars time line.towards the end of the book.

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    the page number is 120 the hutts name is Beldorian comeing in at 9 meter long


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