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    I hope Blue-Ray wins. It seems to be the better of the two. Or it seems to hold more info on the discs. Of course some remember the VHS vs the Sony Beta system which was better quality but ultimately lost to the VHS.

    I can't believe there are people who still buy VHS. I found out my brother has a whole collection of them. What the..

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    They don't even make VHS tapes anymore - try finding a commercial movie at WM (or anywhere) released on VHS within the past 18 months.... I don't think there have been any. Tapes were popular for nearly 20 years though - I just don't see DVD hanging around nearly that long when we're already seeing better media that will soon be similarly priced.

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    I think another part of it is that the players are so freakin' insanely expensive right now when compared to DVDs.

    I like how, just a few years ago, the concept of making separate DVDs for widescreen and full screen versions seemed absolutely crazy.
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    But then the stupid people started complaining about the black bars.

    Idiots. The world always bends to their stupidity.
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    there are still movies that come out in the two screen formats - happy feet was one that had separate widescreen and foolscreen versions.
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    There are still a ton of both versions being released, mainly the big movies.
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    Most of them, in fact.

    The first I can recall to actually come in two different versions was Harry Potter 1. I even picked up the wrong version, but luckily caught the word "foolscreen" right before I opened it.

    There are still several movies that were released only in foolscreen, like Master of Disguise and The Powerpuff Girls Movie. Some of these were supposed to be re-released later. I gave up on the promised 2-disc widescreen PGM DVD years ago.
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