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    Exclamation The Official Evil Dead Thread!

    If someone started one of these already im sorry, i didn't feel like searching 42 pages of threads. Anyways i finally finished my Evil Dead DVD collection with the finally price lowered Book of the Dead edition now all i need is that cursed European Version which i technically have in the "Official Bootleg Edition" I wasnt around when these first came out, but am really into them now that ive seen them. And the video game is hillareous! Bruce Campbell is the best horror character in the Horror/ Comedy genre if not in horror movies all together, so what does everyone else think of this series, and if you havent seen it i highly reccomened by myself, just rent it and youll see!
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    i just watched "army of darkness" for the first time last week. it was a pretty good movie. i had to go buy that sideshow 12 inch "Ash" after seeing it. "Evil Ash" is next.

    i was rather suprised that the movie was only 76 minutes long! that's almost a TV show. but now i'm up on the Ash lingo. i was wondering what "shop smart, shop S-mart meant"

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    yeah actually the so called real version which was released in Europe is 82 minutes long, and has a different ending, a much different ending you can see it HERE just click on EVIL DEAD on the side menu and at the bottom is a download link for the original ending! if you have a larger formatted screen you can actually tell what happens. ENJOY. I actually liked the US version ending (the one you saw) Those 12'' toys ROCK i have the McFarline version of EVIL ash from movie maniacs!
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    Yeah, there's about a dozen or so ED/AOD threads already. Check them out to see previous discussions on the trilogy, game, the man, etc.
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    I enjoyed the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness movies. Someone said they are making another one set in the future. Has anyone heard this?

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    Sam Raimi has expressed interest in doing another one and since he now has some clout due to his success with Spider-man he'll probably get it done.

    Now if we can get Bruce Campbell to free up his busy schedule...
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    Actually Bill I have seen no tell of this anywhere, Raimi I mean. I did check out Campbell's site though and he stated that it is all just a rumor and unfounded. I would much rather like to believe that they are going to do this, but where did you hear that???

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    I got it from here...

    Campbell not so sure about EVIL DEAD 4

    By: News Editor
    Source: Moviehole

    It looks like despite Sam Raimi’s recent indications he’d like to use some of his new SPIDER-MAN pull in Hollywood to get a fourth EVIL DEAD film made, the long awaited sequel might not be as done a deal as we all hope.

    At least, according to series star Bruce Campbell.

    “Well, when I've got a call time and a shooting schedule, I'll believe it", Campbell recently said when asked about the upcoming flick. That might not be such a bad idea, given the film has been percolating on one level or another (be it rumors or BS sessions between Raimi, Campbell and other EVIL vets) for years now. As recently as the release of SPIDER-MAN, in quotes to we here at CINESCAPE, Raimi said he’d be open to another film, but isn’t so sure the market would bear it after all these years.
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    I saw something in Total Movie Magazine a year or two ago that Bruce Campbell was interested, but that they might just make another video game instead
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    Well, Sam Raimi's next film is Spider-Man 2, which begins shooting in January. And the next film after that, apperantly he's intrested in doing "30 Days of Night". It will be an adaption of the comic with the same name. Here is the story from Cinescape.

    Raimi contemplates post-SPIDER-MAN film
    Eyeing vampire comic 30 DAYS OF NIGHTS
    Dateline: Tuesday, July 16, 2002

    By: News Editor
    Source: Variety

    Just the interest of SPIDER-MAN director Sam Raimi caused a seven figure bidding war over the rights to the vampire comic 30 DAYS OF NIGHTS. The story is one of the projects Raimi is contemplating after finishing SPIDER-MAN 2, which starts shooting in January.

    Raimi was attracted, according to VARIETY, because 30 is “so unlike the horror films of recent years.”

    It tells the story of a town in Alaska that is dark for a month because of the Earth’s tilt away from the sun, and so it becomes a paradise for vampires. The only thing between vampires and general chaos is the town’s husband and wife sheriff team.

    Steve Niles, who wrote the original comic, said, “Writing comic books is all about 'freezing the moment.' So just to see these people move around and talk will be refreshing. In the comic book, I could only show one instance of their love for each other, because it would take about two pages [of story board]. Now, there's so much more room to develop these characters."

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