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    LBC: I never saw sets 8, 11, or the ewoks on striped cards at TRU or KB. The set 8 and 11 were found at Ames and they both appeared to have been sitting around for a long time. The only striped Ewoks I saw was in the auction by the UK seller. If they did show up at TRU or KB it wasn't around here.

    The C-3PO does exist in the striped box, R2 and I both have it. I recently found out the Chewbacca does exist on a striped background as well. I'm working on getting it from a seller who listed it but which ended with no bids. Hopefully I get it and if so I'll LYK. Here's a pic of it:


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    R2: Almost forgot, no problem with the image of the striped DC Sandcrawler once I get it.


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    I thought Galoob didn't release the Sandcrawler on striped card in the US because TRU couldn't even give the round carded Sandcrawlers away for years. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with, I didn't even know that the Ideal striped card existed though....
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