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    What happend to the blockade of control ships?

    I just finished watching my VHS of TPM and something occurred to me. What happend to the other control ships? In the beginning of the movie, there's a huge blockade of them and then durng the space fight near the end there's one.
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    This has been discussed a few times, but there was only 1 Droid Control Ship. The other ships were just Neimodian Battle Ships. First of all, the populace was under control by the battle droids, and the planet was under Neimodian control, so the extra Battle Ships were unncessisary.

    Also, Queen Amidala had reached the Senate, and the Neimodians called for a commission to be appointed, to check out Naboo and validate the Queen's Charges. If that commission had been appointed and sent to Naboo, a giant fleet of Battleships blockading the planet would have led to confirming the fact that the Neimodians had barricated the planet. So, they disptched them back home.

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    That makes sense. Thanks Jar Jar.
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    There is a line from the novelization of Episode 1 that sums it up perfectly.
    Upon return from Coruscant, Ric Olie notes that all the Trade Federation ships have dissappeared. Obi Wan says

    "You don't need a blockade when you control the port."

    A memorable line that should have remained (or added if it was Brooks' line) in the film.

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    Yeah that should have remained.
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