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    Variation Hunters!!

    Hello all of you out there!

    I have a question for any variation hunter out there in the starwars world who reads these threads here at sirsteves.

    How many variations do you have?

    More specifically, how many of the total 170 or so POTF2 Green Cards do you have? How about out of the complete FREEZE FRAME collection of around 90? I'm really interested to know what other variation hunters like myself have. Hardly anybody scrounges around for all the variations these days, especially with the numerous re-prints on POTJ. However, I've stuck with it. And for all of you who have also tell me what you've got.

    Green Cards have always been a tough thing. I've just recently tried to go back and get all my missing ones. I put together a grand list using a compliation of my memory of what I'm missing and Steve Sansweets '97 variation guide. I put together a list of around 50 figures! So far I've been able to get 18 of'em. Need something like 35 more. Well, tell me what you got and I'll tell you what I got.


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    Nice picture dude

    I don't collect variations,Its Hasbros way of making more money and I aint falling for it
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    Well, don't listen to the cynics out there. Variation collecting can be a fun (and expensive) extension of this great hobby.

    I collect mainly Foreign Card variations.

    However, I only collect for my favorite figures, such as; Bounty Hunters, Troopers (Storm, Snow, Sand, TIE Pilots, etc.), Darth Vader, ST Luke, etc.

    So far I have Canadian Square Cards, Canadian Tri-Logo, Italian, European, Japanese, and a few odd-ball "Peel-Away Label" carded figures.

    I would also like to get a few Spanish speaking CommTech figures!
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    I loved collecting variations. I admit I have pretty much stopped, still it was and is fun. I really never counted how many i had, but trust me alot.
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    I don't usually collect variations unless I can get them for cheap and already have the easier to find variant. Two figure variations I can think of that I own are Endor Han Solo(brown pants/holo. green card) that I got for $4 at Toys R' Us and X-Wing Pilot Luke(long saber) that I got for $10 at a hobby store (was originally $60, but put Sale for $20 and for that day they had a special %50 off "Star Wars Madness" sale).

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    I don't really collect variations. Sometimes I lucky enought to find a variation before I know it an variation. Such as long saber or the clean biker scout.

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    ...can get very costly, so I've pretty much just tried to keep up with the variants on paint jobs, such as the afore-mentioned blue-to-brown variation on the Han Endor fig. The recent Biker Scout paint scheme variant was a particular favorite, and I'm glad I picked up as many of the clean version (a cool half-dozen) when I did. Snagged oodles of the 'dirty' version, given that these 'Troopers probably didn't stay clean long once assigned to the Endor campaign. Besides, the Biker Scout was one of my favorite costumes from any of the films. The basic Stormtrooper costume still beats anything for fave outfit, though. Just gotta get me one I can wear...
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    In all my years of collecting, these have been the toughest-to-find green card variations:

    AT-ST Driver
    .02, Coll 3, squared blister w/ holo

    .00, Coll 2, sloped blister w/ holo
    .01, Coll 2, squared blister w/ holo

    Death Star Gunner
    .02, Coll 3, sloped blister w/ holo

    Han Solo, original
    .01, Coll 1, squared blister w/ holo

    .02, Coll 2, squared blister w/ holo

    TIE Fighter Pilot
    .04, Coll 3, squared blister w/ holo

    .03, Coll 1, sloped blister w/ holo

    NOTE: This list does not include 'shorter' sabers and curved scarf Luke Skywalker (Hoth gear) - which are actually production errors. Also did not include such notorious variations as the R2 flashback with saber on right side or one of the most difficult freeze frame variations which is Rebel Fleet Trooper with .01 sticker on cardback with correct S. Marae spelling.
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