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    Why does everyone like Episode 1!

    As a counter thread to the "hate" one, I'm really interested in hearing why people really really liked TPM.

    Your response should be given in two distinct sections:

    1) Don't just address and try to prove the "hate" arguments wrong. Come up with some stand-alone compliments that made TPM so great for you.

    2) Then, once you've done that, go back to the con-arguments and explain why you either a) don't believe that they are true, or b) know that they are true but choose to ignore them for the sake of enjoying the movie regardless.


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    I don't love it or hate it, there are bits that I love but there are bits that I absolutly loath!
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    Originally posted by Jek Porky 2002
    I don't love it or hate it, there are bits that I love but there are bits that I absolutly loath!
    I think most people feel that way, but I've been beaten to a pulp by a few diehard Prequel lovers and am just curious. I've already posted my feelings (wayyy too much ) and open the floor for worship. The comment has been made that there is too much negativity here so I thought I'd take that first step to planting a rose garden in the forum.

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    simple... many people were so eager to see this film and are so absolutely blind when it comes to SW they just refuse to see the huge flaws in the film.

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    Originally posted by DarthSetnom
    simple... many people were so eager to see this film and are so absolutely blind when it comes to SW they just refuse to see the huge flaws in the film.
    Yes, there are huge flaws. And I don't think it can all be blamed on JarJar. He was just a scapegoat for all the other problems such as midichlorians, Jake Loyd, etc.

    But, there are some good things about EP1. I liked seeing astromechs repairing the outside of the ship while in space travel. And any scene with Darth Maul, though there weren't many, was good. The underwater city was cool. That was the first time we've seen water in Star Wars, not counting the swamps on Dagobah.

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    Well, here are my reasons for why I liked it. Some just can't be explained, but others I will try to list here.

    I really really enjoyed the lightsaber duels in this movie. When I was watching it for the first time, I was going through all the films and I was saying, this has to be the best duel (Obi and Qui vs. Maul) in the entire Saga, thus far. It just really stood out for me - it could have been longer - but it was great.

    Next, I liked Jar Jar. Now, I'm sorry, there is no way you can't crack a smile towards the end when he says: "They all bwoken." I always smile when I hear him say that. It's cute, funny, whatever, I just like it, and I liked Jar Jar (that's not a defensive note, I'm just saying that that was one reason I like TPM).

    Maul. Maybe it was the hype around his visage, how evil he appeared, but I just found him to be dark, cold, and great. Yes, he could have had some more time on screen and a few more lines (a lot more lines, if you ask me), but he was still a major thumbs up for that movie.

    The Jedi Council - it was the first time we were able to see anything like that and with it, many different Jedi. Up to that point, we had only seen one human, and one unknown species Jedi, but in TPM we can see many different species that had been trained.

    The Pod Race. It wasn't my favorite, but I have to admit that while I was watching it, I was excited. There was much adrenaline pumping, and I really wanted to see the outcome. At that point, I was so wrapped up in it, I didn't know that Anakin was actually going to win. I thought anything could happen.

    Now, I know that some of these could have been done in TPM, even if the movie was different. But it was the mixture of these elements that allowed me to enjoy it.

    I have given my arguments about the "flaws" and continuity errors before, but I'll give a couple quick examples:

    Midichlorians. Okay, I was a little shocked myself when I heard this said, but it passed during my first viewing. Afterwards, I thought about it, and it just didn't seem worth worrying about. I had heard that Lucas had plans to reveal all this stuff, so I left it alone. And I still have faith that Lucas will "fix" it, even though I don't really see anything wrong with it. I understand that it was something that he put in to make Anakin look like the chosen one. Okay, so, what? Some other explanations might have been worse... I don't really like them or hate them, they're just there. I actually like JT's theory of them.

    Qui-Gon found Ani, not Obi. Well, as I've said before, it's all a matter of semantics. It really depends on how you interpret what Obi-Wan said in ESB. And yes, there was a debate about those words used, BB actually looked them up in the dictionary. But, when I looked them up, I found that they better prove my point than orginally thought (I'll read them again and post them to give an example). However, I'll wait until Episode 3 to make any final judgments.

    Jar Jar. To be perfectly honest, Jar Jar is stupid, but hear me out. I hear people saying that they didn't like the way this character was used. I think he was used perfectly. He's stupid. He's a half-wit, who gets into trouble; he's clumsy; he's nervous a lot; he's stupid. That's what he's supposed to be. Can't their be just plain and simply stupid individuals in the Star Wars universe? We have them all over our planet, why can't there be one there? And I know I'll get the argument: but it could have been done a lot better. How? How do you portray someone stupid in a better way? Yes, he was annoying, but that's who he is and who he was, just like a lot of people on this planet.
    And I'm not even getting into the racial argument. That had no grounds and I find that utterly retarded and I won't even acknowledge it.

    Well, that's all I feel like typing right now. If anyone wants me to follow up on something specific, just ask .

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    the visuals in ep 1 were incredible like finally seeing corasant, and the jedi counsil and the senate to name a few. just seeing the insides of ships,deserts,tundra,forests ,swamps or space ports ;aside from cloud city we really didn't see any signs of civalized life it was great just to see how advanced the star wars universe really was. that in of itself was a visual treat.
    finally seeing jeti fight in there prime was great too.
    just seeing jedi.
    and finally seeing the beginings of the down fall of the republic was sobering.

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    Sounds like the directions to a college essay test. Way to complicated. I like it becasue I do, I don't care if anyone else likes it or not. You know who else likes it? George Lucas, and that's good enough for me
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    I enjoyed Episode 1. It was a fun summer popcorn movie with action, humor and excitement.

    I thought Jar Jar Binks was a humorous addition to the cast of Star Wars characters. His difference from other people in the films makes him memorable.

    Darth Maul was a visually interesting character. He visually expressed the idea of dark, menacing warrior.

    I enjoy how the movie sets up the rest of the saga and yet stands alone as two hours of entertainment. It sets up a problem and resolves it in two hours. I think those who don't like the movie are frustrated film makers who are jealous of George Lucas' success.

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    I actually love the moivie too and could watch it as often as the OT
    I loved Darth Maul, the jedi fight scenes, the droidekas, the jedi council, the podrace, sebulba and to be honest jar jar was funny too
    I don't want to explain why I like the characteres, I just do
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