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    Hasbro has to continue the line it has been doing very well!!
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    it has been doing well,I Dont no how,because there all ugly,So I stick with my opinion
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    Originally posted by SirSteve
    Yeah... 12" line will definitely continue. I think you may have heard the MARMIT line may not continue. I heard this (rumor) because Hasbro liked what they did with the Ultimate Jango Fett and may do others, like a Vader.
    Nope, definitely Hasbro saying the line is in big danger right now of getting the axe. And from what I've heard, the line isn't doing very well. Thrawn gave a similar warning over a month ago, but few really heard what he was saying there. I hope Dooku and the SBD pull some good sales, I know I'll be buying both. I would have bought all 3 if Padme had been the 3rd fig instead of Zam.
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    I have to agree with Steve. I think the line is doing fine. The turn-over on 12" here seems to be good, though that's not an indication of anything. I've checked with my other second-hand sources, and they've heard Hasbro is feeling fine about their 12" line.

    It would seem ridiculous for them to give it up. With GI Joe they have one of the most successful 12" lines, and the bodies to do it with. Plus they're finally using those for Star Wars.

    Meanwhile, though I don't collect the Marmit Line, I wanted to get the Emperor's Royal Guard. Does anyone know the status of this. It was on product lists a while back for this summer. I'd guess that's not happening, though it doesn't mean plans for a Marmit Royal Guard have been scrapped altogether. This was the one custom I planned to do - making the Marmit a Kir Kanos, using the Max Steele head. He's perfect for Kir if you just add a scar!

    Anyway, Mark2D2, I also want to see 12" Cantina aliens and skiff guards. More 12" Podracers would be fun, though I can't claim there's a demand for that. But look: who'd have thought the Max Rebo Band? That's going to be so awesome!

    I can't wait to rock out with my giant blue elephant-man!
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    Well, Thrawn was also the one just recently that said that Cinema Scenes were not coming back. Even though Hasbro at Wizard World and at Celebration 2 said that they were planning on them for next year.

    The 12" line is doing fine also, in my opinion. It's these unsubstantiated rumors of the line failing that is starting to get old. These same rumors have existed since 1999, when several of the E1 12" figures were cancelled.

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    Originally posted by mark2d2
    I would be upset if the twelve inch line died. I haven't bought any lately (Can't find that Jango to save my life!!!) as most of the recent offering haven't been all that enthralling, but am dying for a. . .

    SNAGGLETOOTH and a HAMMERHEAD. Ah, heck, give me a DURO two while you're at it!
    And don't forget our 2 pack of FX-7 and 2-1B w/ light up stomach ! ! !

    Conflicting reports by JT and Steve?
    Since I want the line to survive, I hope Steve is right.
    But obviously a few things need to change if they want to survive for the long term . . .

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    The question "...12" action figures in the future?" were answered by Andy Espenshade, Hasbro's Director of Marketing, in Hasbro's booth at Wizard World Chicago: "...We're still working on the product line for 2003 and focusing on 2002 right now. But certainly for the future, if they continue to sell well... " Here's the context.

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    In my opinion, I don't think they would axe it completely, but after this year I would bet the new releases will be few and far between until EIII. At the store around here they still have plenty of the death star droid and imperial officers. One store even has about 5 admiral ackbars if you an believe that!

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    While around her (NoCal/NoBay) the basic first three AOTC figures are still moving (albiet very slowly), I've noticed the Jango still vanishes very quickly (actually haven't seen it in several weeks) and the KB troopers only turned in one appearance at our two area stores and quickly disappeared.
    I think there is still an audience out there for these figures...the only thing that seems to wear thin to me are the constant repackagings as exclusives (like last year's Luke/SpeederBike or this year's Luke/Tauntaun) and not having the basic character include as much gear as possible the first time around (my biggest beef is the LACK of cloaks with Anikan & Kenobi....I took the cloaks from the EpOne figures and put 'em in 'em....and WOW! They REALLY shine! Especially the Obi-Wan).
    Hasbro made a good choice with the Jango by including all the gear...granted the price point was a bit much, but's a good figure.
    If they were to CHANGE the line a bit....add more accessories with each figure...feature the best availible bodies (as they seem to be trying to do with the Dooku figure..don't know though...haven't had the pleasure of seeing for myself) & go back to higher quality packaging ala flap-front boxes with bios, I think they would learn in a hurry that the folks collecting these are willing to go a little extra for something special.
    Here's hoping the line doesn't die.....


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