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    12" line being discontinued??

    I have heard rumors from a couple different sources that hasbro is considering discontinueing the 12" line. anyone know if there is any truth to this? i have collected this line since the beginning.

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    for the remainder of this year, hasbro has planned numerous 12 inch releases:

    1. count dooku
    2. super battle droid
    3. zam weisel
    4. luke with taun taun
    5. leia in bousch disguise with han in carbonite block
    6. imperial officer
    7. dengar
    8. zucksuss
    9. electronic jango fett
    10. electronic obi-wan
    11. max rebo
    12. droopy mc cool
    13. sy snootles

    the sales may not be where hasbro wants them, but they have only themself to blame for this. if they would produce a higher quality product like jango fett and count dooku, sales would rise.

    by the way, without naming names, how do your sources know what they know?
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    I haven't heard anything about it. Maybe they feel they can't keep the quality up to their competition (no...really?? ;-) Yeah, if they would just put in the effort to match say Sideshow or Dragon's bodies, they'd be back full force (no pun intended) again! Or maybe Hasbro should try to get a piece of their rivals' sales (after all the extra 12" bodies customizers have bought).

    Hey, where'd you hear about the Sy Snootles and gang, Derek? I've read about all of those figures cept the band. Sounds really interesting and I'm curious as to how they will turn out...

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    they are supposed to be wal mart exclusives. sly and droopy are supposed to be a 2 pack and max rebo is supposed to have his piano organ.

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    I certainly hope this is just a rumour. I really like the 12" figures. It would be bad to stop the line.

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    I hope they keep it. Most of the time I like the 12" line better then the regular line (except that horrid Zam 12" that is coming out).
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    No, they did not have any sources, just heard it from etc. like i said, just a rumor and just wondering it any grain of truth to it.

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    I can't tell you where I heard this, but this is MORE than just a rumor, much more. The source I've got on this is pretty high up and definitely an insider and what I've heard is that the line is in danger, not just vague danger either.
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    Yes, the line will be discontinued. The question is when.

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    Maybe after Episode III?


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