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    Habro Pulls a Fast One!

    I knew it! Well, like most of you. I picked up the new, and I use the term loosely, Ki-Adi today. Besides a couple of extra joints and some paint changes, this is the exact same figure as the Ep. I Ki-Adi. Hasbro pulled out all the stops for this one.

    I'm happy to have the figure so my Ep. I Ki can go with the other Ep. I figures but I think they could have made an entirely new Ep. II jedi. Ki could come later.
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    i knew when i saw it in the pack that it was almost a copy of TPM ki. they just added a metal saber and a deflection thing......
    bad hasbro!
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    He doesn't stand very well either. Are you really surprised that Hasbro done a rehash?
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    i'm not terribly shocked. why do a new scan when the other one was just fine?
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    It's a different figure of a outfit with very little to alter. But the face is different, the legs are different (AOTC Ki has pronounced heels), and some body work, mostly with the left (his right) arm.

    I guess it's the costuming department's fault for not changing the outfit. Even the exact style in two different earthtone colors. Ah well. At least he'll look great hanging out of a Gunship (like in the "Mace Windu (Jedi Master)" television spot).
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    they could have gave him more articulation or an action pose.
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    the figure is aweful. why buy it if you already have tpm version?

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    If you're a loose collector then they probably isn't a great reason other then he isn't expensive
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    Did they at least make his knees articulant so you can put him in a chair on the jedi council?
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    no he has no knee articulation nor can he hold his lightsaber with both hands...which kinda sucks, but i have heard that in AOTC he is only seen weilding his saber with one hand...


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